Hi dear Gringa(i dont know your actual name ;)!

Hi dear gringa!
Im Katja from Austria! and have a partner in brasil! we talk mainly by sykpe ,but its necessary that we sometimes call eachother by phone,for me its ok since its cheap ,but its too much expensive if he wants to call me too by phone.

Do you have any experience or suggestion about this? is there any special telephon cards in brasil( to use for cheaper callings?
I thought maybe you could help me,since you have been living there for a while.

Thank you for the BACANA blog!


Hi Rachel and Eli!

I am a brazilian from Belo Horizonte and I live in Valencia, CA with my american husband. We went through the K-1 process last year and now we just finished the AOS process. We are huge fans and have been reading your blog ever since we met 2 and a half years ago. Thank you so much, you have enriched our lives by bringing to attention a lot of cultural differences we weren't aware of.


Oi Rachel!

I found your blog accidentally when surfing around the net :) I'm a Finnish girl currently in a long-distance relationship com o brasileiro. It's been extremely interesting to read your observations about Brazilian culture, way of life as well as the people, because it now seems that I am going to move there during the fall 2010. Even more I've enjoyed the fact that you and Eli could make it, even the starting point for an intercultural relationship is never the easiest one. I wish all the best for you both in the future too!


Ted Erickson


I like the blog. Some funny top ten lists. I would like to make one for you also. I got engaged to a brazilan girl after one week while I was in Brazil without speaking Portuguse. Here are the top ten words you need to know to date a brazilian girl. ( We live together now in San Francisco Ca and have our 2nd child on the way. So far so good! We will move to Brazil soon enough. ) Sorry if my spelling is as bad as my vocabulary.

1. Mais
2. Beijos
3. Onde
4. Muito Bon
5. Cervezas
6. Eo Gosto - I like
7. Oi
8. Tudo Bon
9. Sim
10. Agua

OK. You can get engaged. Good luck


Hello Rachel!
I stumbled upon your blog when researching Brazil! As the story goes, I fell in love with a Brazilian boy here in Vancouver, BC, Canada where I live. We are going to Brazil next month to travel and so I can meet his family. We are even considering living there in a few years. I would be interested in hearing about your English teaching in Rio as that is what I do!
Love you insites and information!
Lisa :)


Hi Rachael,

Thanks for putting all your effort into great information on your blog. I am considering visiting Bahia and was wondering if you have and advise for a first timer who doesn't speak Portuguese. I am also a percussionist and would love to find a condomble teacher and be able to experience some folkloric ceremonies.

In gratitude,



Aloha Rachel,
Entertaining and informative blog, thank you! My name is Susan. I'm from Honolulu, Hawaii and plan to marry the man of my dreams in Brazil sometime next year. I was getting a little overwhelmed with researching the requirements but your blog really helped, I appreciate it!


Visited Rio for the first time last month. Stayed 18 days and fell in love with it! So I love to read all about and especially from a gringa point of view...haha

This gringa is representing South Carolina! :P

Veronica Ceballos

Rachel I stumbled accross your blog today and I must admit it brought tears to my eyes because I thought I was the only one in this same situation. My brazilian boyfriend and I are planning on marrying late this year or early 2012 and we have absolutely NO idea on what steps to take starting a visa process. We are still trying to decide wether he can get a tourist visa and marry here or if we shouldnt risk it and just apply for a K-1. We are planning on living in Brazil the first 2 years, so the only purpose of him marrying here in the states is to give me my dream weddding :) I hope someone out there can give some more info on what would be the wisest thing to do. If anyone does please email me at


Hi rachel. My name is jefferson I'm from cape town, south africa. I really enjoy reading your blog. I would just like to ask if know of any offshore recruitment agencies employing foreign artisans, and what visas would I need. Thanking you in advance. Thanks for a brilliant and informative blog!


Ola... sou Australiana e acho que tenho alma brasileira (orgulho de ser nordestina!). Acabei de voltar a Australia depois de 5 anos morando em Dubai. Vou ficar aqui em Sydney por enquanto. Gostei bastante desse seu blog; obrigada por ter feito um blog de qualidade boa e assuntos bem interesantes. Ao proposito, concordo plenamente com um recado la encima: voce nao e Gringa agora, se virou Carioca! Parabens, e boa sorte com o seu futuro. Bjs


Hi, I am Brazilian and live in Rio. I was doing a research about Castelo das Pedras and your blog poped up! I spent some time reading it and enjoyed a lot... By the way, my husband is a gringo... xx

Tim no Bellingham

Alo, Rachel,

I just was linked to your blog via Crooks & Liars, and read your last 2 weeks' posts.  You are now my regular source for news & cultural developments in Brazil.  Your writing goes beyond the barrage of unconnected, out of context news blips and follows developments that people are truly interested in, e.g. attitudes toward marijuana, the legacy of slavery, national politics, and being smart about crime.

When I am comfortable that I know enough about Brazil to make our visit there intimate, my wife and I will go.  It takes me a while to do these things - we just returned from Paris and Germany nearly 40 years after I fell in love with a country from afar for the first time and studied German.

We live in Bellingham, Washington, where I first fell in love with Brazilian music 25 years ago. I was hosting 2 hours of African music weekly at the local college radio station, and added an hour of Brazilian music.  I devoured all the music I could find in my small city, and found none I disliked.  I love it all - the cool confidence of the Bossa Nova, the rhythm of the Samba, the power of Bahia, the pangs of the Nordeste, the alma of MPB, and the boldness of the uncategorizeable.  I've been off the radio now for some 15 years, but I've always wanted to go to Brazil.  You've recharged my desire to become informed and go.

Please keep it up.  Tchau!

Joseph Sims

Wow! I found your blog today while scouring the Internet to help me decide what kind of blog niche might still be available to me. Since I lived and worked in Brazil for 10 years as a journalist and PR exec, I thought that a blog about Brazil would be my best bet. "Probably nobody doing that," I told myself. Now that I've read your blog, I have decided I'll have to look elsewhere! But I am going to be following you from here on out. You are doing one heck of a job. Parabens e boa sorte!

Josie Pereira

Hello gringa Rachel!

I'm from São Paulo, in love with Rio de Janeiro :)
I've been living in the US (currently in Seattle) for almost 2 years and I love the simple and real way that you write about your experiences in Brazil. Nice job!
My best wishes for you.


Kelly Ronchi

Hi Rachel,

Love your Blog. Really insightful.


I love your blog! I am from Las Vegas, NV and am currently learning Portuguese. This has provided me with a lot of useful information and answered a lot of questions I have about international relationships. Thank you so much!!!
beijos e abraços!


hi rachel!

can you direct me to any previous posts where you speak about getting an apartment in rio? i'm moving soon and looking for help.

Terry Devey

Hey Gringa!

I loved your blog. I have visited Brazil 21 times since June 2010 preparing to start doing business there. Although I have seen most parts, from Belém to Porto Alegre, and Cuiabá to Salvador, my real love is Rio.

Comecei aprendendo portugués há trés anos, com uma professora brasileira na Irlanda. Adoro a lingua, e a cultura. Obrigado por esse blog, me ajudou muito com a minha compreenção do povo brasileiro e a cultura dele.


Dublin, Ireland.


Valeu Gringa! Gostei da Lista de o que compartimos na historia, what we share in common. Sou Miamense da gema. Sou guia Turistico por uma compania brazuca em Miami. Meu van sempre ta Cheio de Brazucos. acho Estranho este vicio dos brasileiros de pasar 10 horas todo dia nos Shoppings da minha cidade. me pode explicar?


Hello! I added you to my Twitter, please add me as well? JRCX - I am an Italian-American living in NYC but I love Brazil, have a cousin in rio and friends all over brazil - i'd love to chat with you direct if you have time to discuss the culture, you can read my blog as well :)


Stefan from Romania. I'm interested in many cultures, including the Brazilian one. Hopefully one day I will get to see it in person.

Steven Rainwater

Hi Rachel,

Went to Brazil for the first time while I was in college (about the time you were born). I'm married to a Brazilian for 25 years, speak Portuguese fluently but haven't been to Brazil in a long, long time. After my wife spent two months there with her family this fall, we decided to make our way back to live, at least part time if not permanently. So I'm in the process of starting a business that will allow us to live in Northeast Brazil (loved your take on Recife!), and excited about all the recent events in Brazil (although I must confess, I also liked it when the Northeast was a sleepy place that no one knew about).

I ran into your blog while doing some research (I've been a working writer for about 10 years and lately write about market trends in Brazil for a magazine in Taiwan). I just want to mention that this is some really good stuff you're putting out; well researched, relevant, easy to read and engaging. Very high quality. You should consider doing more with this type of writing!

I started to blog about Brazil a couple of months ago just to get in the habit, and given my new business venture (can't say what it is yet), I may give it up. But I'll definitely keep reading yours and have recently made it part of my regular reading. I'm going to give you a shout out on FB too. Keep up the good work!


Account Deleted

I’m carioca and I love you blog! I’ve found it by chance and now I’m a subscriber. I think reading your posts is a perfect way of keeping my English up to date! Hope you keep writing here for a long time. Regards!

Ingrid Sinclair

Great blog, so glad I found it! South African woman heading to South America next year - first stop Brazil. Love your Tumblr too :)

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