João Marcelo

Hi, my name is João Marcelo, and I am from Fortaleza, but I am now living in Cape Verde, Africa, working at the Brazilian embassy. Love your writing, BTW :)


Hi Rachel!

My name is Glaucia and I'm from Contagem - MG. I moved to the U.S in 2006 and have been living in Boston/Salt Lake City.

I love your blog! Thanks for sharing your experiences... you definitely crack me up!

Maria Helena Lopes de Souza

Hi Rachel
I loved your blog, I live in Carpina PE. It has been great to read about your experiences in Brazil.

Claudia C.

Hi Rachel,
My name is Claudia, I am from Rio de Janeiro.
I am enjoying your blog !
Claudia C.

Joao Fonseca

Hello dear nice Gringa, Very nice of you ter decidido morar no Brasil. Assim como vc. adoro seu país. Por isso I do work in the U.S. Embassy. vocês são generosos e bons patrôes. O Resto do mundo deveria saber how you American looks like. Tudo que tenho desde antes de me casar devo ao Tio Sam. Muitos americanos onde trabalho após sua aposentadoria tem decidido morar em Brasília ou em uma outra cidade do Brasil. Fico feliz que temos mais uma Americaneira. Beijos e abraçcos.


Hi Rachel,

My name is Thiago. I was born in Paraíba do Sul - RJ (a small city in Rio de Janeiro State (I don't know if you know..)), but now, I'm living in Praia Grande - SP (70km from São Paulo).
Your blog is very interesting not only for foreign people, but for brazilians too..

(sorry for the bad english.. I'm just learning.. :D )

Sandra Oliveira

Hello Raquel,

I was born in Ribeirao Preto but I have been living in Rio de Janeiro since 2004, I love Rio and appreciate to read your blog.
From now, I will read regularly.
Bye, Bye


Downtown Los Angeles, CA
played a couple gigs in Brazil, Rio and San Paolo...
had a very good time, beautiful city, looking forward to go back next summer...


Hi Rachel,
I'm a tv producer in Los Angeles, and I discovered your site while researching a story about David Goldman. Have always wanted to visit Brasil - urban myths about Rio have been daunting. Many friends visited once, said "don't go". Bus 174 terrifying and fascinating. Your blog may be the tipping point for this 50+ gringa turista and husband. I will be checking your blog frequently - thanks so much.

Favorite cities:
New Orleans
San Francisco
Santa Barbara (California)
New York
Charleston, SC

Marcos André Franco

Oi bom dia.

Ficou muito feliz de saber que uma americana veio ao Rio e gostou, espero sinceramente que você tenha sido sempre bem recebida.

Meu nome é Marcos André, faço curso de inglês, e queria muito aprender sobre seu idioma, mas se não for nos EUA, acabamos demorando demais para aprender...

Se for possível, já que você já tem um certo conhecimento de português, queria poder, se você concordar, trocar MSN com você, apenas para que eu possa conhecer mais sua língua e se for o caso você comigo a minha língua, espero que entenda, eu ficaria muito feliz.

No mais, seja sempre bem-vinda,


Marcos André Franco


Oi Gringa!
Resolvi escrever aqui após ler sua entrada no blog "sindrome de estocolmo", sobre a causa de Sean. Acho incrivel pensar que uma pessoa teve a coragem de sequestrar uma criança!!! A mim, não importa a nacionalidade, se a mãe queria se divorciar e ter a guarda de seu filho, deveria te-lo feito por meios legais~. é mais do que uma desconsideração para com o pai da criança, é uma falta de respeito aos direitos do Sean como ser humano. ë ridiculo!!!
E ainda o que fez este padastro ao se recusar a ao menos deixar que os dois se vejam, pai e filho... Ele agora tem uma filha... o que será que ele faria se a menina lhe fosse sequestrada??? E pensar que se eles conversassem, e não houvesse agido desta maneira, creio que Sean nunca o teria esquecido, que o visitaria e ele mesmo poderia visitá-lo nos EUA, não imagino que isso lhe seria negado, se ele tivesse agido da maneira correta...

Beijos querida!!!

Taylor Pugh

Oi Rachel!
I just happened upon your blog--I was looking for some wedding info on Brazilian wedding traditions, as I'm currently engaged to a Brazilian man. We live in Birmingham, Alabama and will soon be visiting his home in Piracanjuba, Goias. I love all of your insight--it's actually very helpful in understanding his quirks!!! Thank you for continuing to blog... I enjoy reading!

Taylor P., Birmingham, AL, USA


Hi Rachel,

I live in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. My girlfriend is Brazilian, and lives in Curitiba, Parana. We have been together now for more than 7 years. My girlfriend (Andrea) really enjoys your blog, and she recently showed it to me. Now we both really enjoy your blog, and discuss it everyday. The Goldman story really touched both of us, and we hope Sean is back here in New Jersey (where he belongs) very soon.

Keep up the great stories and have fun living in Rio.

Kundan Ewan

Hi Rachel:
My name is Kundan. I live in Byron Bay, Australia. Presently in Japan studying shakuhachi. Was in Brasil in the 70s. Loved it. Other things led me astray. However, might find me in Brasil next year.

Love your blog, especially, "Warning:This will happen to you in Rio". Only just discovered it. Will be visiting often.

Cheers, Kundan


Hi. I just found your blog. I lived in Rio for 15 years and now am in Toronto. It's very interesting to see our city through a foreigner's eyes. It only confirms how foreign I feel there sometimes too. I'll keep visiting. See you.

Ryan Whitmore


I love your blog! My wife and I traveled to Rio last year and fell in love with the country and its people. We can't wait to return. Keep up the good work!

Ryan Whitmore,
Chicago, IL


Hi Rachel

I have a question for you, I am just curios. What kind visa do you have ?? What your status right now??

And I would like give you a suggestion about 10 things that brazilian can not get from american culture ; like the expression "while", "feel days" because we just like things yes or no. Example 10 days, 2 days or even 2 hours etc

i like your site

Tanya Brown

Hi Rachel,
First I want to say GREAT blog !! I can relate to you on SOOO many levels with soo many things (especially Inter-national Dating) ! Im from the US .. Boston area to be exact, but spent my last five years in the US living in NYC. I am now living in Rio Grande do Norte, Praia da Pipa to be exact. My journey started a little over two years ago in Canoa Quebrada, where I went to teach English. I then met a friend whom I had met through another friend in NYC (but we met here in Brasil) and fell in love. ( Brasileiro, from Rio to be exact) I then relocated to where he was living, in Pipa, got married and now have a beautiful little girl, Its been an incredible journey as you can imagine ! When I read through your blog I laugh many times to myself and just think, uuuhuhhhh .. can relate to that !! :-)
You really capture Brasil and Rio in a great, honest way. I have been to Rio on many occasions (husband's family lives there) and love it .. and everything I have read here I couldn't agree with you more !!
You know its funny, while I was reading the section of your parents coming to visit and the things they brought to you as gifts, I was cracking up that one of the items was peanut butter !! Now I dont know if you miss it as much as I do, Im guessing you do .. but I have my family mail it to me !! I am not as fortunate as you to live in or near a big city, where if you truly have a craving for something, you can usually find it .. of course with a high price tag, but its there if you are willing to splurge !! When I go to Rio I make many splurges on things I normally cant find/get here in the North !!
Sorry for blabbing away .. but thought I would share a little bit about some similarities .. thanks soo much for the entertaining/informative blog ..and please do keep sharing !!
If you and your boyfriend ever have a desire to take a nice trip away from the city and would like to explore the Northeast a bit .. please dont hesitate to email me for any info.. I am plethora of info for this area !! I linked my daughters blog, above .. you can always contact me through there ! I know traveling in Brasil is a bit pricey with flights and all but hopefully now with the new Azul airlines things will drop a bit !!
Have a good day !!


Hello Rachel! I'm from Brazil and live in Cascavel (parana), near Iguassu Falls! I loved your blog, it shows a nice perspective about Rio. I went to Rio last year and I really loved the city, can't wait to go back!



Oi Rachel! Me chamo Eduardo (o "Ed" em inglês).

Sou alemão-americano, mas eu moro em São Diego, California. I have lived in California 12 years, but Brazil is my favorite vacation spot, and I keep returning every year (much to the disappointment of my family back in Germany, which I have not visited in four years now!).

I am currently studying for my second career, which is intercultural communication and conflict resolution, concentrating on Latin America. As I'm sure you know, studying both Spanish and Portuguese at the same time can make your head hurt! :) But I really do enjoy them both. I get more practice in Spanish because I live right next to Mexico, and visit Tijuana regularly.

(Just like the violence in Rio is exaggerated in the media, so is the violence in Tijuana. The people I am most afraid of there are the police!)

I love reading your blog; it brings me back to the many great people and experiences I have had in Brazil over the years. I can't wait to get back!

maria cristina briani

Olá Rachel, eu sou Cristina, paulista, morava em Campinas até setembro de 2007 quando ganhei uma bolsa Capes p/ fazer doutorado na Inglaterra até 2010. Estou na Universidade de Brighton, mas moro em Seaford, pertinho. Ótimo blog, estou acompanhando há algumas semanas.


Hey Rachel...just checkin in with you and making sure you're okay. Ever since your wee "run in" on Orkut, I've been keeping my eye on you and making sure you're here pretty much every day! Hope you're taking care!

The "futbol" game looked AMAZING! Personally, being around THAT many people would totally freak me out!

See you on the BSH forum!!

Wend xox

Tricia Chaves

Hi Rachel,
I am from Cleveland, OH where I met & married a Carioca. I visited Rio for the first time this past February. Now, we are making our plans to move back permanently. I decided to start chronicling my experiences, and in doing so, I found your blog. I really enjoy it and plan to write something in response to your call for contributions. You can see my blog at


Olá, gostaria muito de escrever em inglês, sendo que não tenho muito prática, por enquanto. Então, meu nome é Ferreira, sou de Pernambuco da Cidade de Olinda. Estou morando aqui nos Estados Unidos (Illinois) já tem 1 ano e 3 meses. Acho o seu blog show de bola.
Muitas coisas aqui me deixando upset, pq quando as pessoas ficam sabendo que sou Brasileiro (na cidade que moro tem poucos), as pessoas sempre me fazem as mesmas perguntas e tenho em mente que as imagens que são "transmitidas" sobre o Brasil é sempre sobre: Futebol, Bebida, Praia, Mulheres, Carnaval, Rio de Janeiro e São Paulo. Eu sinceramente fico triste e com raiva disto, pq o Brasil tem muito mais o que se vê, como no Nordeste (Bahia, Fortaleza, Pernambuco etc), Norte (Pará, Tocatins, outros) entre outros.
Recentemente apresentei um trabalho no meu curso de inglês (ESL - English Second Language), acho que você já ouvi falar. Na qual elaborei este trabalho e conseguir excluír 90% das perguntas que sempre são feitas, apresentei outras riquesas que o Brasil tem, como exemplo, A paixão de cristo de nova jerusalém (PE); Parque estadual do rio doce (MG); Dunas alaranjada do jalapão (TO), etc.

DICA: Quando você conseguir tirar algumas férias, tenta visitar outros estados, assim vc poderá enriquecer ainda + o seu blog.



Hi racehel,

You cant forget about the L-B-C Long Beach, California home of Snoop Dogg and the guy that played T-Boz on Friday ;-)

Seriously love your blog moving to Curitiba on Tuesday and living there for a year on a internship with world study.


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