I just stumbled upon your blog as I was researching travel to Brazil. I am totally in love with Brazilian music an would travel there just for that (an Ed Motta show would be a real treat!)... although there are many other things I want to experience as well like a Nos do Morro production (they have some amazing actors!). Your Blog is awesome you seem to present a more realistic portrait of Brazilians, which is refreshing. I will be contacting you when I am ready to start planning a trip to Rio!

AJoy from Atlanta, GA

Adriano Gomes


I love your blog..soo cool!!

My name is Adriano and I´m from Campinas-SP!!


Thanks for the blog on life in Rio. I just came back from a year long trip in Rio where I was studying chorinho... time of my life! keep writing!


Oi Raquel!!
I just found your blog, but somehow can't stop reading it! I'm from Londrina- PR.. Now I live in Vancouver, CA. I've never seen a gringa with such a deep and true insight about brazilians and our culture. I'm addicted to your blog!
In fact i can relate to many of the posts.. like the real life ones, parents asking what you're going to do... why can't we travel forever? hehe Maybe you should write books about traveling ;)
Anyway.. I fell in love with my country by looking at it through your eyes..
Can't wait to hear next chapters for how you ended up na cidade maravilhosa!
Beijos querida!

Luiz Felipe

Hey Rachel,

I'm a carioca from Leblon and just recently found your blog when one of your posts was mailed to me (the controversial "things to get used to in Brazil"). Your writing makes for a delightful read and it is a pleasure to view a different perspective on the city I grew up in. It is truly bizarre how many things we fail to see just because they are constantly in front of us: that my culture and habits are just as odd as any others', and just as fascinating; how wonderful the city that I live in is, and how we've got so much to do to make it a better place. Thanks for the wonderful blog and please carry on writing. I certainly shall continue reading.


Hi Rachel-

My name is Jaime. I am from Columbus, Ohio and recently returned from living in Rio for the last two months with my cousins who live in Botafogo. I enjoy reading your blog daily because I can relate to a lot you write about. I really miss Brazil and am hoping I will be able to go back sometime soon.


Hi Rachel!

I love your blog! My name is Alexandra and I currently live in Washington (state), US... However, next year I am going to be studying abroad somewhere in Brazil for my sophmore year of highschool!!!

BTW: I am also a massive soccer fan. My two favorites (who happen to be brazilian) are Kaka' and Pato!


NY, NY...born and raised...great blog


Oi, Rachel
Você provavelmente já deve ter visto um ou outro comentário que andei fazendo no seu blog.
I'm from Rio, live in Botafogo too, and in August I'll be moving to US or London (I haven't decided in which university I'll take my masters).


Oi Rachel!
I enjoyed reading your blog and your interview. I am an american girl from Miami moving to Maceio, AL, Brazil. My boyfriend and I met here and he now lives there. I am currently looking for an on-line job and learning portuguese. Your story inspired me. Thanks! and Take Care
bjos Anna


Hi! I am Portuguese, living in Porto where I was born. I love reading about your experiences in Rio. I was living there from 1981-1988 married to a "carioca". We got divorced but now, more than 20 years after, we are talking again and maybe I'll go to Rio again to be with my ex-hubby :) That may be a love story (again). I guess Rio is very different by now... and I miss that people and that kind of carioca way of living...Wish you luck. Lina

Leo D

Parabéns pelo blog, está muito bom. Sou brasileiro e moro atualmente em Londres, na Inglaterra. Ler os seus relatos é interessante, pois dá o outro lado da moeda, a experiência do gringo vivendo no Brasil. Imagino que deve ser um grande desafio pra você :) Um abraço! Vou continuar acompanhando os escritos!


Oi Rachel, gosto muito de suas pequenas crônicas sobre o cotidiano da vida no Brasil, especialmente porque você traz seu olhar estrangeiro, então consegue "estranhar" e se assombrar com o que não percebemos, muitas vezes. Seu amor pelo país é inspirador. Parabéns pelo blog!

Tenho 27 anos e moro no Recife.


Hi Rachel,

Im brazilian, but I live in north of China right now.

It's funny, cause all the things you wrote in the post " Top Ten Things You Better Get Used to in Brazil", are exactly the same I try to get used here in China every day and it's very very hard by the way.

Sometimes, we think our place it's always better than others, so when I read it, just helped me to understand that it's not klike this..

Gustavo Montani

Hi Rachel,
funky cool your blog. I am from RJ and I am carioca. In topic "Key Words & Concepts to Understand my Blog (and Brazil)", the word "BONDE" also it can be : transport of outlaws to make robberies.

I see that we in such a way have preconceptions of the inhabitants of the Brazil how much of the foreigners who do not know our country. I know that already it is to a time but either well coming here.

Sorry my english, but I dislike written.


Arlindo Pinto

Nice blog you have here.
I'm from Portugal, the best country in the whole world.... :)

Derek Kissoon

i am in Central Asia and would like to get some information about life in Brazil. Please send me a list of your fees



Hi, Rachel.

Reading from Houston, TX, USA. Found you through the Lion's Den blog, and am catching up on your blog. My love, who is a Scotsman, lives in Rio das Ostras for the next 2 to 5 years for work, so we're back and forth as much as possible. I'll be back in Brazil for the second time in March, and bringing my mom and kids with me for their first visit. We're all excited!

I LOVED Rio de Janeiro last time (July), and had a really good experience during my whole stay. I can't wait to get back and get to know the city and area better this time.

Reading your blog is making me even more excited to go. Thanks for all the information, and your great perspective on all of it. Best of luck to you, and maybe we'll meet up some time during one of my visits.



Hi there - Orlando Florida here!! Stumbled upon your blog while searching for more information on the Goldman case after watching the Today Show this morning. Absolutely heartbreaking - I cannot imagine taking my sons (one of which is Sean's age) away from their loving FATHER. What kind of a mother does that? Bruna HAD a heart of stone - to me, she (and her entire family) sounds like she was PURE evil. I reflect back on the Elian Gonzalez situation - where we (USA) forcably went in to the home in Miami to tear that child away from his family to RETURN him to his FATHER in Cuba!!! The more I read/hear about Mr. Goldman's story, the more insult to injury piles up. Anyway - I'm just at the top entry to your blog - I will be reading on!! Wish I could do something to help - my heart aches for him AND his son!!!! Who needs to be with his FATHER!!!!!


Oi Rachel,

Meu nome e Pablo. Eu sou dos Estados Unidos, mas eu moro em United Arab Emirates. Meu portugues e muito basico, so I will continue the rest of this in ingles. I will be leaving the UAE in August to finish the last semester of my MS back in Virginia and then hopefully by New Years I will be in Brazil to live for a year or so. I haven't decided what city or cities I want to stay in but, Rio is definately on my list.

I came across your blog via a link from another blog by a gringo in Salvador. I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed all of your stories, pictures, and videos. I got really excited reading your blog and everything that you've been through and experienced in Brazil. It has given me so many ideas and helpful tips for my own upcoming adventure. I will also be creating a blog shortly before I leave to share my experiences and help others that want to do the same.

I've been to Brazil once before for a short term study abroad in 2004 and instantly fell in love with the vibe, culture, and the people of Brazil. I will be returning to Brazil next month for Carnaval in Rio, and I will also be visitando Sao Paulo the week prior. I'm also currently learning Portuguese with the Rosetta Stone software. Hopefully I'll be at an intermediate level by the time I leave in December.

Ne way, sorry for making this so long. There is still a lot more that I'd like to say and ask but I'll end it here. Once again, excellent blog!!

Alessandra M.

Hi Rachel (gringa),

I found you on Google while searching for David Goldman's story that I just found out yesterday. I am Brazilian but I live in Canada. In Brazil I am from Campinas-Sao Paulo. I saw you like Presidente Prudente... It is hot place! My relatives are from Aracatuba, on way to Presidente Prudente. I am married to a Canadian and I have a 4 years old precious daugther. I was very moved by Mr. Goldman's story and I want to help some how. I already sent emails to my friends down there and I wrote to 2 TV stations.

Well, I placed your blog on my favourites and I will following your stories from now on. I love to read how "gringos and gringas" see Brazil! My Canadian husband enjoys that as well.

All the best!

K McDermott

Hi Rachel,

First, your blog is quite interesting and really helps to put a whole different view on Brazil. The small towns that you visit, the shopping malls and even the starbucks that you found. By the way, the blog about your boy friends mother coming over to clean, how did you stay sane?
How ever your support and constant writing about the David Goldman case is the best. I saw you on the Dateline piece and instantly recognized you before anything was said. I am a supporter of this campaign to bring Sean back and have always enjoyed finding others as well. Now we just have to continue work together, pray and hope that all of this comes out well and Sean & David are reunited finally!
Thanks again.

Edivaldo Silva

Hi Rachel,
Get out of on carnaval,and come here to know the city of São Paulo. Rio is very dangerous at this time of year.


I'm a college student from southern California. I'm in love with a Brazilian girl so I find your blog very inspiring. It gives me hope that we can make it work. Thanks for writing such a great blog. :]


Oi Rachel, eu simplesmente ADORO seus comentarios. Eu sou carioca mas moro nos Estados Unidos, na Carolina do Norte, desde 2006. Eu admiro a forma como voce escreve sobre a cidade maravilhosa, e a forma como traduz seus sentimentos, conflitos e surpresas. Obrigada por trazer esclarecimentos sobre minha cidade maravilhosa. Apenas apos ter me mudado para um outro pais e ter deixado o Rio de Janeiro, consigo ver as contradicoes, tristezas e realidades do Brasil de forma mais real. Acredito que os Brasileiros, especialmente os cariocas, apesar do grande amor que temos por nosso pais e nossa cidade, perdemos a referencia do que eh justo e "aceitavel". Varias amigas, inteligentes, instruidas e do meio juridico inclusive, parecem nao perceber o que acontece no cotidiano brasileiro, especialmente no carioca. Sinto MUITA falta do Brasil e de viver no Rio, mas confesso que nao sei se iria me adptar novamente a essa mentalidade da zona sul carioca, anestesiada e distante.
Voce, apesar de ser de outro pais, ve com clareza nossas contradicoes e consegue, com maestria, traduzir em palavras a beleza e a tristeza que eh viver na cidade maravilhosa.
Obrigada por seus comentarios e keep up with the good work!

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