Olá from Sydney, Australia!

This blog is fantastic! I love Brazilian culture and I'm planning to go as soon as possible..also I've been brushing up on the Portuguese. Everything is happening in Rio at the moment! Next year is World Youth Day, then the World Cup, and finally the Olympics. So exciting!! I love Brazilian music, every style axé, samba, bossa, sertanejo, MPB you name you have any recommendations?

Thanks Rachel!

Anna Maria

Hi Rachel,

Great Blog, specially posts on Brazilian economy/politics.

I am Anna Maria, half Brazilian-half Swedish, born in Rio de Janeiro. Currently working in the London and missing Brazil lots!



Hello Rachel,
My name is Helena, I'm Fluminense[born in Nova Friburgo], my husband Dave is American, we now live 6 months in Tijuca,RJ; 6 months
in New Hampshire,USA.
It is interesting to see what is going on here in Brasil at the moment [Dec 2012] and am looking forward to more about developments in RJ, ES areas as to planned and completed Alfavilles.
We plan on returning here permanantly in 2 years [2014] but realize the cities as they are now are not a viable choice for residing as to the lack of decent police presence[pmrj].
Keep up the good work.

Viviane Moos

In 1991 and 1992, against all odds, I shot the beginning of a photo book by sharing the survival struggle of child street gangs on the violent streets of Brazil. This work earned me many awards, much international recognition and was published in major publications and exhibited worldwide.

In 1994 I returned to Rio to see what had happened to these children – it was a follow-up chapter and the middle to my story.

But all this was not enough, something important was missing – what had happened to those children who survived the violence and had grown to be adults? This question has haunted me for years.

Now, I’m turning to Kickstarter to help me create the ending to my story. I am going to return to Rio to connect my images from the past with the present. Again, against all odds, I have an opportunity to find some of these children today, 21 years later, due to a Dutch foundation in Rio called REMER house, whose founder Robert Smits has kept in touch with the children who have passed through his shelter.

Please join me as co-producers to help publish and promote this photo book. 10% of the sales from the book will be donated to REMER House.

Pledge awards for your support will include limited edition fine-art prints plus signed copies of the first edition of the book Brazilian Street Diary.

If you believe that shining a light on social injustice can make a difference then join me in completing my book. You will be part of an important project.


Hi Rachel,

My name is Vali and I come from Romania.
I have few blogs in portuguese language and I am looking for some blog posts. i can pay via paypal.

Just contact me at el[@]


Christopher Wright

Hi Rachel,

I'm Chris from England and I live in Madrid, Spain. I got interested in Brazil via its diverse and rich music.

Now I enjoy diving into the culture via blogs, films, cuisine and music. Your blog and Andrew Downie's give me more serious and interesting analysis. Thanks also for putting me onto Abrazilianinthearea who also has a good critical eye.

lexie lucas

name is lexie and from indiana in the usa. going to blumenua brazil for a year to be an exchange student. i was interested because i want to avoid common mistakes and get to know real information and not just tourist stuff. :)



I just returned to NZ after 26 days in Rio. I found the people cheerful and friendly and it's hard to believe the warnings for gringos. Anyway I plan to return there so I must be cautious. It's great to find your blog.

adrian dickson

Hi Rachel,
This is Adrian Dickson, Adriana La Rotta's husband. Adriana suggested I take a look at your blog and I have been reading it with interest and will continue to do so.
As you know I am from Buenos Aires and I am interested in Brazil because I lived there as a journalist/correspondent between 1992 and 1997. I should add, that Brazil was probably the most gratifying assignment of my journalism career. I continue to have several friends in the country who I speak to regularly.
I hope to see you soon.



I'm Dan, English, married to a Brazilian (from the South) and living in California (for now) but we're thinking about moving to Brazil. Your blog looks great (though admittedly, I'm only 2 posts in so far! I look forward to reading more!)


Hi Rachel!
I'm Maria from Brasília. Have you ever been there? I was born and raised in Brazil. I'm 16 and my expectations are that someday I'll be able to live abroad. I found your blog searching for brazilian culture and the World Cup in internacional media, and I must say: your blog it's pretty awesome.


Terimakasih infonya semoga sukses,

Tomas Slade

Hi Rachel, I am born in the United States. I am connected with Brasil in two ways. My family originated from Brasil and I have a fiancee from Brasil. I am interested in the blog because
1. I learn about my heritage and what I am missing out
2. I learn about cultural events and other things
3. It helps me to get closer to my fiancee's family
4. helps me to feel whole again..who knows,maybe someday I can track down relatives and such... but I enjoy the articles and information. Thank you so much for that. Please don't ever stop. :)


Hey Rachel!

I found this site while searching for information about moving to Brasil. I will be moving to Rio in August, teaching at an international school. I'm super excited to catch up on your blog! thanks for all the amazing information!

Sherry Keith

Hi Rachel,
I really enjoyed reading your May blog post. You make an even handed assessment of the difficult times facing Brazilians now. I'm a writer/professor in the San Francisco Bay area who has lived and worked in Brazil off and on over the past forty years. Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

Sherry Keith

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