Hi Gringa,

Great blog! I have visitied Rio many times and my Brazilian wife and are thinking of moving there later this year. We live in NYC.

All the best to you!


Hi Rachel!

I just found your blog and I'm loving it! I'm from Blumenau (I saw your pictures!) but currently I'm living in Calgary, AB, Canada. I lived in US for 2 and half years (DE and NJ). Awesome blog! I'm loving to read your perspective about Brazil, Brazilians and the way of live! Way to go, girl! :-)


You already know I love your blog!
Beijos diretamente de Ridgewood, NJ.


Hi Rachel!

I found your blog through Thelma... I am originally from Rio and I have lived in many places in the Northeast of the US since I moved here (9 years ago!!). Currently based in NY with my Long Islander boyfriend :)



wow, everybody is from the east coast...
city of angels here! west coast represent!
oh, and i love your blog. you know that.
now, excuse me for a moment: MEEEEEEEEEENGOOOOOO!!!
thank you.


Love your blog, very interesting stuff.

Isabella L.

You write very well, Rachel. Your comments are perceptive, your observations are sensitive and full of verve. I love reading your blog. Thank you so much for sharing it with the world!


Thank you for keeping Rio fresh for me. I recently visited and cannot wait to return. I look forward to your observations on day to day life there.


I randomly stumbled upon your blog in anticipation of going to Rio sometime later in the year. I am currently studying in Santiago and hope to make it to Brazil. Thanks for your comments and observations.


Hi Rachel
I love reading your perspective on Rio. I'm from there but have lived in Toronto for most of my life and the last time I went back to Rio was 12 years ago.
Will continue reading!


(2nd comment)
Hi Rachel,

I'm really enjoying your blog! Just saw that you are offering tourism services, ehat I think it is great! I'm orinally from Bahia, my husband is from Germany, I believe next time we go to Brazil we will do a quick stop in Rio, and maybe, who knows use one of your services!

Keep up with the good work, as I can see many people are appreciating it.

Lots of hugs!


Hello Gringa...

Espero que voce não se importe que eu escreva em Portugues. >)

Eu gastei um tempao lendo o seu blog! Nossa muito legal mesmo! Eu sou carioca.. estou ate um pouco envergonhado de mim.. Ja que eu li coisas aqui que nem eu mesmo sabia!!! hehe Muito bom saber que você gosta da cidade....

Eu penso como um World Citizen... e acho que neste momento.. hehe eu não lhe chamaria de Gringa. e sim de Carioca.. voce sabe tanto e gosta tando do lugar onde vive que eu acho que é isso que importa de verdade!!!

Mais uma vez... Obrigadooo pelo blog.. estarei passando para amigos.. do Brasil e todo o mundo.. >).

P.S. Legal saber que voce tambem trabalha com traduçoes.. depois se puder me manda um e-mail com informaçoes. que eu acho que preciso de tu >)

Abçs até.

Boa Sorte


Hey Rachel!

My husband and I got married in August 2007 and moved to Belo Horizonte in October with his job. (He's from Iowa and I'm from Georgia.)

We visited Rio for the first time in February, loved it, and can't wait to go back again. Your blog is giving me all kinds of "oh, we gotta go do that" ideas! I also can relate to some of your experiences as I have new adventures daily, and I am constantly trying to figure out these delightful Brasileiros! :)

Emily :)


Oi Rachel,

Gosto muito de sua blog. Eu tou pensando sobre morrando no Rio.. talvez logo. Eu fui no Brasil antes por trabalho (Sao Paulo) e em Novembro por feiras (Fortaleza, Amazonia, Floripa e Rio). Eu tenho uma namorada no Rio (lagoa) e vou ver ele logo.. talvez em Abril (espero).

Eu sou ingles mas eu moro em Minneapolis (morrei aqui por 10 anos agora). Depois 10 invernoes eu acho que eu tou ja por uma muda!!! rsrs. Entao - chega de meu pobre portugues.

Just wanted to say i enjoy reading your blog and your day by day experinces in Rio. I think it's a great city (yes it has serious problems) but I think you are making the most of a great opportunity! Boa Sorte para vc e Eli!



Hi Rachel,

I have no clue how I got here, but I see now that several people I read read your blog too. I have to tell you I'm addicted... I read your whole blog this past weekend, my husband was jealous :)
He loves Brazil as much as you, it's nice to see someone else other than him show a true passion for our country. Congrats on your blog. You're a great writer, I'm sure you know that...

Jose Hudson

just moved to Rio w my Family... have 2 daughters who love ballet... maybe u can help?? we are from Mexico City but spent some years in NY/Princeton,etc....


Oi Rachel-
I believe you are providing a valuable resource in sharing your experience of life in Rio.
I have posted a comment for the first time today.
I was so moved by one of your posts, I had to respond.
Thank you for sharing...
Ate breve


Hi, I read your blog often, and commented a couple of times. I think you're awesome and I really enjoy the stories.

Sorry about when I posted the story of the fiherman and the businesman, I thought you would like it.

...but I think you didn't like the site that had that story posted, it was some wierdo site, so you deleted it. I was gonna leave the entire story on the comment section, intead of linking the story, but it was too long.

I got no connections to that site, and actually hadn't even read what the site was about, I just googled a search for the story and that site popped up first!


Oi Amiga/ y que la vaina?

I am so happy to have come across your blog. I look forward to your many post to come. Wishing you only beautiful things ahead.



Hi Rachel

Since I found your blog it became my favourite daily reading.
It has been great to read about your experiences in Brazil. I'm Brazilian but I have been living in Canada since I got married to a Canadian.

I hope you have lots of great and good experiences and that you can keep sharing them with us.




Hi, my name is Honora. I've been studying Portuguese for only a few weeks now, but already I'm in love and planning a trip in January to see Rio! Your blog is so very interesting to read, and offers a slice of life that I haven't seen elsewhere. I have a good friend in Rio, who laughs when I ask him about things here, because he says they are things only a local should know!

Thanks. I enjoy the updates so much.
Keep up the work!



Desculpe- I forgot to say where I was from-
I am a Southern California native now living in Minnesnowtah...and many people here ask why...& i say to myself "there's always Rio"


Hi Rachel!
I was born in Ribeirão Preto, state of São Paulo, Brazil. At age 7 my family and I came to the US (Rochester, MN) as my dad, a physician in Brazil, came to the Mayo clinic for some research work. That's when I learned English. After a couple of years we moved back, and when I was a Sophomore/Junior in High School we moved back to Rochester for my dad's continuing research. Later in life I married a scientist (Brazilian) and ended up moving to the US again (Charlottesville, VA) for his post-doctorate at UVA. It was then my kids' turn to learn English! Three years later we moved back to Ribeirão Preto. Little did we know that in exactly two years we would be moving to the USA again. This time home would be Burlington,Vermont, where we have been for almost five years.
Ah, e quanto ao seu blog: amei! É muito legal ver o Brasil pela sua perspectiva. Apesar de eu nunca ter morado no Rio, certos fatos que você comenta são verdadeiros no Brasil todo. Desejo muita sorte a você e ao Eli! Vou continuar acompanhando o desenrolar dos eventos.

Eliana Jeanetta

Hi Rachel!
My name is Eliana. I am from Belem. I moved to the U.S. in 2000. I am currently living in Columbia, Missouri. This is pretty much a mid-west college town...and guess what!!! I miss Brazil an awaful lot!! I can't stand living so far away from the beach!!!

Eliana Jeanetta

Hi Rachel!
My name is Eliana. I am from Belem. I moved to the U.S. in 2000. I am currently living in Columbia, Missouri. This is pretty much a mid-west college town...and guess what!!! I miss Brazil an awaful lot!! I can't stand living so far away from the beach!!!

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