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September 11, 2015



I'm guessing you did not see the series, "Pablo Escobar, el patron del mal." It is a 70 part series made in Colombia and one of the best docudramas ever made on the subject. Padilha basically tried to copy this series, but in the process butchered it and added an absolutely ridiculous DEA agent story-line. But hey, that's Hollywood. It is shameful in so many ways I can not count. They made a bigger point of the US offering the Colombian President a bullet proof limousine than Escobar killing 2000 policemen in Medellin...in the same episode! The DEA knew Pablo had a bomb on the plane that exploded, but couldn't relay the information fast enough? Shameless in its attempt to create drama. Imagine how people that lost loved ones on that plane would feel hearing this bogus accusation. DEA agents were untouchable in Colombia? False again, if they were causing even the slightest problem for Escobar they would have been dead.
All gringos that know the truth should be ashamed of Narcos.


Serie muito boa!

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