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October 02, 2014



She is basically an environmental activist with a pretty sketchy record who was thrust into a bid because the REAL presidential candidate DIED IN A PLANE CRASH!!! OMFG! Hopefully, the Brazilian people will do the right thing and vote for Neves, the only candidate who is prepared to be the president.

Lisa Kauffmann

Firstly, she took over the campaign after Eduardo Campos died in a plane crash. Many people who had supported him, jumped ship. Marina is appealing to the poorer voters because of her stance on the Bolsa Familia etc.She is not capable of running a country like Brazil as she has shown that she can flip flop quite easily on issues. As an ex-petista, for me she is 'flour of the same bag' as the PT, and if you dig a bit into her past, she was also part of the Communist Party at one point. I wouldn't trust her or Dilma for all of the tea in China. This may not be the place to say it, but I feel that if Dilma wins, Brazil will descend into a left wing neo communist dictatorship, along the lines of Venezuela.

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