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June 23, 2014


Edison Villela

Well I do respect your point of view, but that is not true!
The world cup project was supposed to be paid by the private sector and instead the government payed for most of it.
All the projects costed much more than expected, and the total cost was really high.
It's not acceptable to spend money on Arenas when we don't have health and education of good quality.
I live in the USA now but I'm Brazilian and used to teach Philosophy for high school, so I know what I'm talking about.
Even fanatic soccer fan's in Brazil are hoping that Brazil will not win or this President, the most corrupt ever, will use it to stay in the office.
President Dilma is also plotting a social/communist government against our people's will.
Live is much more than sports, soccer, Arenas, etc!!!!

Lisa Kauffmann

This is the time for Brazil to shine and to show the world what a great country it is. The Brazilian people are loud and proud when it comes to the 'Selecao'.
My only fear is that with the Cup being a success, Dilma and her posse of left wing pseudo communists will take all of the credit for it and Brazil will elect her for another 4 years. Hopefully the Brazilian public will see beyond her lies and deception and vote her out of office in October.
Brazil is a great country and it deserves a great leader. Dilma is not that leader.


They got some mighty fine philosophy teachers up in here.

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