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May 12, 2014



It's said that the party host is the one person that doesn't enjoy the party. It goes double for Brazil and the World Cup. Too much money being spent, one too many FIFA regulations... and the national team ain't exactly that exciting, on top of everything (not to mention how fed up everyone seems to be with the CBF ruling but that's another story). So why bother? I guess the feeling is that since it's Fifa's party anyway, they might as well shove it!

The ennui regarding the street décor is not new, though. Last World Cup we had the same thing going on, as far as I can recall (I lived then in São Paulo's Zona Leste, just for the sake of statistics).

Silvia Tavares

Hi Rachel!
I am a Brazilian living in New Zealand. I have been furious with all that I have seen in Brazil lately, and my hope has also been disappearing. I also know that I have probably been very annoying to my friends as I do believe as outsiders we see more than insiders. I am angry... And sad. If in Brazil people had access to what we see on BBC, CNN etc. If just they understood that despite being a naturally rich and beautiful country, we haven't had much to celebrate. People say we cannot confuse matters of World Cup and political problems. These same people complain that last year's protests haven't gone anywhere, while they buy tickets to the 'bread and circus'. I have friends who are very intelligent and educated, and still... The only thing they see is that they don't want to be 'the ones' missing out. In the end I guess I am losing hope on the 'power of change' it isn't there, it isn't anywhere, there is nowhere it can come from. I wish I could do something, but I don't know what, hopefully I will find out. I feel guilty for being a privileged Brazilian living in a developed country while complaining about what I see. But the reality is that we seem to have more 'voice' living in another country than when we 'become part of the system'. I wish everyone could see Brazil from outside at some stage. Sorry for ranting on your blog... But I am a truly frustrated (and furious) Brazilian. Not just with the government, but with the overall behaviour and acceptance from the population.

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