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January 14, 2014



I had been hearing about these 'rolezinhos' and was not sure what they were all about. There is definitely a 'classism' in Brazil, a veiled racism, especially in regards to the colour of one's skin (as illustrated by the black man in the SUV). A plumber or an electrician in Brazil does not get the same social respect that a blue collar worker would get in Canada for example. With more consumer buying power in the C and D classes, this will be an interesting time in Brazil's economic history.


The "rolezinho" is made with funkers. Funk in Brazil is not what north american are used to, here funk beat is used with lyrics that instigate sexual (nasty sex) behavior in teen, instigate people to kill cops and robberies.

That's why people get worry about this group.

If they want to protest, they should, at least, in my point of view, use intelligence instead ofcaos. If you practice resistence, you should know that another force will counter resist, this is a basic law of the universe.


An excellent post.

Pedro Mundim

Eu já esperava por isso. Acho engraçada essa compulsão dos intelectuais em ver nos rolezinhos legítimas manifestações dos oprimidos contra a exclusão social e o racismo... é fácil dar asas à imaginação quando se está escrevendo em um teclado, em um lugar seguro e bem distante da balbúrdia. Se qualquer um de vocês estivesse presente nos shoppings, com certeza ficariam tão atemorizados quanto qualquer um dos que lá estavam.

De resto, não é preciso gastar toneladas de palavras e teses de sociologia para decifrar o que são os tais rolezinhos - basicamente o mesmo que é feito pelas torcidas organizadas nos estádios de futebol, pelas galeras nos bailes funk ou durante o arrastão nas praias: um grupo de jovens se junta, começam a gritar e a repetir slogans a fim de criar um clima de histeria coletiva, e no instante seguinte já estão brigando com a gangue rival, quebrando e roubando.

Quem quiser que pense que tudo não passa de maldade da cruel classe média brasileira que não quer que pretos e pobres sejam consumidores. Já diziam na Roma antiga: PECUNIA NON OLET.


Wow. Just an amazing blog post! I shared it on my Portuguese Learning community on Facebook (Professor Jason). Thanks for this! Jason

joao baptista

Good evening. Tow blocks from my house there is a mall. Some months ago I noticed the security guards checking a line of young boys and girls outside. I asked the reason. One of them told me there is drug trafficking inside the mall. I also observed a couple girl and boy kissing and changing touchs completely inapropriate to a public place. Last week there were three minor children - less then 10 years old - in the cinema with their fathers. the movie - Leonardo di Caprio as a Wall Street millionaire - feature scenes os drug use, alcoholism, violence and Di Caprio snipping cocaine from a nude woman buttocks.
The police and the government really have to act with strict diligence in circunstances as these. I fell insecure when I am in somewhere and people are acting violently, uncivilized and demosntrate absolutely no respect for others.

Proud Brazilian

This article is B/S! This is not a social protest. This is a group of young people making mess and noise in a public space.

If you have a group of 6 thousand people moving together and calling attention to themselves, it doesn't matter if they are black, white, Spanish, Asians, rich, poor, middle class, wasps, Jews, Muslims or Hindus. It will scare a lot of people around them and create panic.

Be critical, don't be naive! What is happening in Brazil is Anarchy! The Government is no longer able to control the situation!


Great synthesis. Events can't be understood without analysis.

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