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December 15, 2013



I live in São Paulo but will be working in Peru in 2014. I booked a ticket yesterday so I can arrive back in Brazil before the tournament starts in June and the price is already double the normal price (from R$1100 to R$2300) for a return ticket. I had contemplated getting the bus until I realised it takes 96 hours - suddenly the meagre savings I would make didn't seem to be that attractive!


Yeah but packages are a sucker play- they are geared for businesses who want to entertain clients and dont want to put any effort into logistics and planning. Regular people in the US cant afford packages either- unless you are talking about an apple funjet 6 night all inclusive to cancun from milwaukee for $599. The real crime is that the few people who actually do buy a world cup package will be paying top dollar to experience horrendous infrastructure- enjoy that horrible hotel that was built 60 years ago and not once remodeled. Besides, were any regular people from latin america realistically considering coming anyways? The further i move outside of zona sul the number of people over age 50 who have ever travelled outside of brazil even once rapidly approaches zero. I assume that to be the same for the rest of latin america. My point is only rich people are coming anyways and they dont care about price.

billy Dow

As a Scot who has stayed in Brasil now for 12 years I must say that I am shocked at the transport and accommodation prices that are being asked . It is nothing but Robbery . There appears to be no end to the rip off . 7 nights 1 hr from Salvador 11th to 18th June flight and hotel 8000 us$ EACH how may I ask can a brasilian on a normal salary afford this . Its a crime it really is

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