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November 06, 2013



Rogaine! Request begrudgingly granted.


Brought to friends in Sao Paulo recently:

Baby food
Baby clothes

Very hard to understand why such items cost so much in a large country like Brazil.


Dickies work pants from Los Angeles. For a friend in a dance/graffiti/lowrider collective in São Paulo's zona sul inspired by classic LA cholo culture. Request granted.


I always come back to Brazil completely loaded with stuff. The secret is to tell people they have to order it online and have it shipped to wherever you're staying - no hassle, no exchange rate, no IOF, no running around hunting down whatever they have asked you to bring back. I've brought back all the usual stuff, Apple products, watches, video games, makeup... but I've had a few weird deliveries show up too, including 2 two-foot tall dolls, baby clothes galore, materials to make jewelry, fancy photography equipment (twice), a hands-free breast pump (the box was hillarious!), post-partum hip reduction belt, and the funniest of all - a vibrator!


Oh, and I forgot, when I moved down here, a friend bought a 54-inch TV, a snowboard and ski boots and had me ship them down in my container with all my belongings.

People always ask me to bring back giant canisters of whey protein and energy/powder/work-out shake mixes from GVC too.

Pat Fletcher

Walker for friend's Mom. Cost 1/3 the price here compared to in Brazil...and free to bring on the plane.

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