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September 28, 2013


Amanda Krantz

Creepy, "We have your picture, we know you are a reporter". Well then no need to treat her as a serious threat against security...


so strange. Way overboard. she wasn't even armed or trying to run past the police. i agree with you, the whole thing seems really fishy.

Joseph Lemien

If Trevisan spent spent five years in China, then she clearly didn't do much risky or dangerous reporting there. What she did at Yale would likely have gotten her similar or worse treatment in China, where the security of foreign reporters is fairly tight. Although I think that her treatment at Yale was uncalled for, any comparison of the USA with China in this context is wildly exaggerated.

The Gritty Poet

I think they went overboard; however Yale is a private institution so Mrs. Trevisan did in fact trespass. If she were to trespass into someone else´s home then she wouldn´t be off the hook because the homeowner failed to inform that he/she doesn´t want her to enter. And in fairness to Yale they did tell her beforehand it was going to be a closed event so she can´t even hint that what happened constitutes entrapment. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Entrapment
In conclusion: Yale may have overrreacted; however Mrs. Trevisan is still wrong.

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