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July 31, 2013



ola assisti voçe no jo Soares olHA ,PARABESNS PELA SUA SIMPATIA

dora o anastassiadis

Hello Julia,
i am friend of barbara Costa American Chamber of Commerce many years ago..remember her?
,and she mentioned you on one email yesterday.
I wrote a book in Portuguese, Cartas lacradas 1850-1917- Editora record- and she asked if you can help me to read the translation in English and give it a shine, that barbara though is some poor and confused from the original- Can you be in touch with me please?
I do not know if there is your job,or maybe have someone to help me.
My thanks to you-my facebook is Cartas lacradas- Dora Openheim-
please answer inbox if you can,
my regards and congratulation, I saw you in Jo Soares,and loved!

Ethelee Hahn

My comment Julia, is thatI am interested in reading your book. Love, the Hahn girls mother.

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