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June 25, 2013



Just awful results till now:
- PEC 37 would still be voted, it was a threat to how things are today, but that also means that nothing has changed, just that, no improvement.
- Despite the inflation, the bus fare prices now are frozen, and there are talks about privatization of the transportation system, and guess who would be running the new state companies, now with billionaire budgets and unlimited spending?Guess who would pay the bill?Guess the size of the endless debts?
- People are celebrating the policemen humiliation, but who would help society to fight the ever rising criminality, the humiliated policemen?

The current governments are just shaken for a while, soon they will just use the disturbance as an excuse to spend more and unreasonably, and more partners in crime will join. And thats the best option, the other option is if some even more expensive populist government take the power and the bill will just get bigger and bigger.


Sorry, where I wrote "privatization" I meant "statization".


Also, authorities are starting consider talking to the people. In Belo Horizonte the mayor had a meeting with the people occupying the council.
Also, political education is ever more present, with public classes in major cities to discuss political reform, what it means, and other issues brought up by the protests.

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