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June 22, 2013



absolutely excelllent. I learned so much! thanks


i am left with the same feeling/question so well expressed here at the end. of lack of specific focus. fact is I as a foreigner feel a powerful and general aversion to knowledge here, and there is no reason for this not to be evident amongst the protestors. in many ways these protests are like sparks of knowledge starting to light up - tikkun olam :)

i have seen mention in some sources of "right wing" groups. you say that they have taken over the demonstrations? any hard info on these? or is this being mentioned in order to cover for the presence of groups like the following who must be interested in co-opting the popular sentiment: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=488907927846374&set=a.337665626303939.74124.337610032976165&type=1&theater

and yes we know what red stands for ;)

Gary Cobin

The Strong Feelings of Outrage against " Corruption " was the main message I got at yesterday's Rally in New York City in Solidarity with the Manifestations in Brazil. The Rightful Anger is there.
My Response:Organize! If Brazilians can organize a Carnival-then they can organize a Progressive Party(Green Party?) that people can Unite behind.At least I hope so....

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