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April 05, 2013



When I saw the price of tomato's at the ZonaSul supermarket recently, I thought, "how absurd" and checked to see what the price was in Anchorage, Alaska, for comparison. Per kilo, tomato's in Anchorage cost 60% less. Anchorage gets tomato's from airplanes or greenhouses. And still still they are cheaper than in Brasil?

The simple answer is to stop buying tomato's while the price is high. Lower demand should help bring prices down. But, obviously, it isn't that simple.


Great writing and reasearch! I believe the math is a bit off when comparing NY vs. SP prices, though. 1 kg = 2.2 lbs; which would bring NY tomatoes price to approximately R$ 8.80 / kg

Rio Gringa

Thanks guys! I added this Alaska detail, and updated the corrected conversion to kilos.


Nice article, thanks.

This may be of interest.


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