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March 14, 2013


Pernambuco Gypsy

Fascinating. I remember being asked when I first moved to Brazil what stereotypes I had about Brazil. When I mentioned Nazi war criminals, faces went puzzled.

Nice post. Wonder how many other legacies are still undiscovered.


What I find interesting is that when anything Negative is published on this forum about others such as Germans, etc.
Most go silent as it is evident.

But say anything about Portuguese & the flood gates open.


Stephen J. Crowley

Brazil, like many other Latin American countries has a long history of oppressive dictators. During the 20th Century, peasants and working class people would have had no knowledge that Nazi's had sought refuge in their country, because that was a secret, closely held by the ruling elites.

Stephen J. Crowley

In "Pedagogy of the Oppressed" the Author longs for the day of an egalitarian government. Ostensibly, Lulu and Dilma Rouseff campaigned on egalitarian principles, but, instead gave the people
a government riddled with corruption (e.g., Petrobras).

The Author was correct - "The Oppressed become the Oppressors"!

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