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January 14, 2013



The problem with the Rio popularity is that some cariocas think that they don't need to improve their services thanks to their popularity. Take a look at the hotels there, mostly old and very expensive. The fact that they are usually full makes their owners not want to do anything to solve their problems or to improve their quality. Our aunts usually don't read tripadvisor or reviews in fancier websites before booking with that "nice travel agency kid" in the local mall, so thats enough to fill the rooms. But usually people who are used to travel around the world don't buy the "but look at these mountains, look at this ocean, look at the nice people" speech. Experienced and high-profile tourists know exactly what is good and what is bad and how much its worth.In order to be a premium destination you must have premium services in large scale, nature is not going to help you get that. I would even guess that there are some mafia/political deal to block new hotel permits in order to force people to keep staying in those places. Cariocas are usually unaware of that because they don't stay in hotels.
And everybody would like to work in Rio, we just need a job, an enormous salary to pay the Rio prices and Rio would need build thousands of new AAA Class business buildings to receive the new executives, I have no idea where and how long that would take, but till then São Paulo is still the first option.
I believe their landscape gives with one hand and takes away with the other. But lets see how they will deal with the World Cup and Olympics crowds, in my opinion the hotels prices should be very low right now in order to be acceptable during the events, I hope there are a large number of new rooms to be delivered before that.

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