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October 22, 2012



A lot of this must be hype - realistically, can the city actually support this?
Rio is turning into a very expensive, congested and hard-to-live-in city. All the decent housing is crammed into a tiny sliver along the coast (zs -recreio) and the majority still lives in favelas (800+) or poor quality exurban housing.

Where will all these new workers live?

Will they drive to work?

What will their salaries be in order to justify the high cost of living?


Brazil as a whole is growing at an incredible pace! Sarah and I have recently moved here to Recife and are enjoying it, but watching it grow is amazing. The traffic is ridiculous and watching the valuation of property is amazing as well.

Growth is good and bad.

Nice post.


It appears Mitt Romney must read your blog. In the last debate, he cited all of the great economic opportunities in the Latin America. Does Brazil TV have Big Bird and Cookie Monster? Maybe he can watch Portuguese Sesame Street in the back of his limo while stuck in traffic.


very good info... Rio is ridiculously expensive but also it has always been... it's just that lately it's being invaded by twice more people from everywhere...


Irineu de Carvalho Filho

" Rio is ridiculously expensive but also it has always been..."

What!? Rio used to be dirt cheap. I was a graduate student on 300 dollars a month back in the early nineties there.

"Brazil as a whole is growing at an incredible pace!"

Not really. Brazil's economy is growing at the same rate or lower than the average of Latin America. There is no data that shows that Brazil was a fast grower in the last 30 years and little or no evidence suggestive that it will turn around in years to come.

Edith Mitchell

I have my itinerary already for my Brazil travel next year. I cannot wait for that graduation gift of my parents for me graduating at the top of my batch. I did not put Rio though on my list because I have heard from friends that the place is really expensive. I will be out of budget.

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