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July 11, 2012


David (DAD)

This is truly a fascinating insight into the sociocultural and political aspects of the prison system in Brasil. There was a recent stink about prison privatization in New Jersey. Clearly, it is an important matter that seems not to be taken as seriously as it needs to be, both here and in Brasil. Good job. Looking forward to more of your work from your work work writing.


Apparently in Sao Paolo there's a prison for foreigners so they don't mix with the Brazilians. I know an American there who says they give free Portuguese classes and it's the epitome of soft time - barely even fights.


I'm an American who works in this prison for foreigners in Sao Paulo. It's called the Penitenciaria Feminina Capitol. I work with an NGO called Terra, Trabalho e Cidadania. You can look at our website. www.ittc.org.br or you can send an email to Katie at [email protected] if you would like more information about the situation of women foreigners in prison in Brazil for drug trafficking. Great post! Thank you!

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