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June 24, 2012



I strongly agree with you. This was my first big event that I participated not only watching it, but living it. In Pan Americano Games in 2007 the traffic was so much better but as you have said, the amount of cars and traffic increased since then. One reason for the slow traffic are the constructions throughout the city for future mega-events, so I guess it will improve till 2014 and 2016.The security worked very well where the summit took place and nearby, but at the streets we'll never know. The government should do something about all the traffic and security but I guess that what needs more attention are the high prices and the lack of accommodations. There is a program encouraging the residents to host tourists, have you heard about it? I'm not sure if it will work.

Rio Gringa

I did hear that they tried to put something together at the last minute for Rio+20. It wouldn't be a bad idea to do more planning and try it again for the Confederations Cup in 2013.

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