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June 22, 2012


Sonia M.

Congrats, Rachel - it's been fun to follow your adventures!


Congratulations, Rachel :)
Your blog has kept me addictively reading your ideas for more than 3 years, and I'm glad to consider you our friend.
Happy 5 years!

David (DAD)

This has been an impressive effort. It helped to keep us informed about your many varied adventures. But more so, we have learned much about Brazil and the diverse aspects of its politics and culture. The shame is that the Christian Science Monitor on-line is the only smart journalistic vehicle that picks up your writing. So many of your articles are weeks ahead of the New York Times and far more interesting to read. Don't stop.


Oh God! For one moment I thought the blog is over! I love your blog and it helps me a lot with my english! It's really nice to know and read what people say and think about my city in another language! I love your point of view. I already followed you on twitter and now on Tumblr. Congratulations for the 5 years and keep blogging, always!

Rio Gringa

Thank you all! I appreciate it! : )


Thanks for all you provide..I don't believe I have ever commented, but being married to a Brazilian I have taken much interest in the country, people, and daily affairs. Thank you for being an awesome source in broadening all our horizons

- Matue(Oklahoma City; wife from Curitiba)

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