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February 12, 2012



Glad you had such a great impression, I really love it here. I live in Vila Madalena and you would have to do a lot to make me wanna move anywhere else in Sao Paulo. The quality of both ethnic and local food mixed with great people and fun night life, major business and a unique concrete style make it quite memorable even if it isn't a pretty city!



Another great and well written post, maybe my favorite ever from your blog.
I loved your first impressions on my hometown of Sao Paulo.
I will repost it on my blog.




Glad you got a chance to come, finally!! :)

Agree with Ray, one of your best posts in my opinion. There was one about NY that you also nailed it a while back - when you moved back to NYC - that I will never forget. You have a talent for writing.. no doubt about it!

Anyway, hope you had a chance to visit Museu da Lingua Portuguese and Ibirapuera's Park AfroBrazilian Museum. Two of the bests... Also, there is the Soccer Museum which I have not been to but people say it is great. There is so much to see and do but definitely the best for me here is the graffiti and cultural diversity you see everywhere you go. That and what you describe makes this otherwise ugly city look pretty. A selva de pedra, indeed!


By the way, I took a picture two weeks ago of that "candy building" as my dad puts it, that is just like this one! This place is very close to my house. ;-)


ha! my mortadela sandwich! :P next time bring eli and spend some more time. SP is great, Rio is great... For all tastes and all moods.

andy martin

I've just moved here permanently and although it's my third time in SP it, as you say, still feels overwhelming. Despite being from a big city myself (London) I get the impression it will take me a long time to get my head round everything. Learning the langauge will probably be a good start I imagine!

Born Again Brazilian

Great description of Sao Paulo! I've lived here now a year and a half and the feeling that it is a bunch of cities smushed together doesn't really go away.


Rachel, I thought you had already visited São Paulo. Good to know you enjoyed it.
And an interesting point, you thought the city has so much green, I always thought it was just too grey. I was born and raised here and I wish we could have a bit more of parks or trees in the streets.

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