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January 23, 2012


Adam Gonnerman

Fortunately for me, having a Brazilian wife and children makes me rest easy about visa changes. I can always request a permanent visa based on our relationship.

As for Brazilians coming to the U.S., it's amazing how fast things change. When my family moved to New Jersey in 2005 and I began teaching ESL in Newark, I literally saw new students every week who had recently arrived from Brazil, seeking a better life. Then when the immigration reform initiative failed a few years ago, they started leaving. Now we're hearing about Brazilians travelling to the U.S. primarily to shop.


ken wortley

how does the new visa free status help my brazilian friend who has been rejected twice by an american agent in Recife. He was told flat out that he is too poor to travel to the u.s. even though we are his sole financial supporters while he studies here at Gonzaga University...
Does any think ths is going to help him? If not want can we do besides write letters to our senators and the Recife Consulate. We need your help...

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