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January 16, 2012



oh my gosh! It's horrible! So annoying! The singer's words in the English version sound almost as bad as Alessandra Ambrosio when she speaks. I guess if I were a teenager and still had faith in men it might be appealing, but it's God awful. And the type of women in the video are those annoying, naggy, short little Brazilian women that take up too much space (none of whom would be that cute if they didn't have their hair flattened and their nails done.)!


And what a grotesque dance!


I'm more disturbed by the whiteness of Brazil's soft power represented in the video, not to mention the rather terrifying lyrics......!

Micaela Goes

Hey. It has nothing to do with Brazilian identity. Don't blame it on us! Blame it on his crazy annoying group of fans. This guy just wanna try to catch more money, unfortunately with his terrible English version song - believe-me it's terrible in Portuguese as well.

Maciel Grecco

I agree somewhat with Micaela. On the other hands I think Disney's cartoons about Latin America in the 1940's, as part of the American good neighbour policy (not taking into account the strong criticism it has received since then) represented a few better Brazilian identity seven decades ago. That was when Brazil even not dreamed representing the soft power it's supposed to stand for now, specifically in the cinema as we can see in the video link below with Donald Duck and Joe Carioca (Disney's Brazilian character), where we can see both characters being cheered up by the contagious and joyful rhythm of samba (Blame it on samba, is the suggestive tittle of the cartoon video):

Despite of the some fully stereotyped cinema videos Disney made on Latin America countries sometimes, and not denying the negative references with what Brazil may be remembered on certain cases, I think we feel better represented anyway by those positive glimpses on Brazil. May be too glamorous but that's the way we feel inside.


The song is cheesy, but definitely catchy.
However, what struck me as incredibly tasteless is the surprising lack of racial diversity in the obviously Brazilian audience shown on the video. The audience is obviously Brazilian since they all seem to sing along with Telo in Portuguese. The ladies all look like they're Gisele Bundchen's younger cousins, as if average- or below-average-looking people do not go to concerts in Brazil, and there is not one person of color in sight! Two major no-nos. We are not living in Barbie World, and if Telo wants to exert his "Brazilian soft-power", he should heed the notice. Just as is the case with poster Maciel Grecco, Telo's video reminded me too of those Disney movies from the 1950s with Donald Duck and Ze Carioca flying over a Rio beach, greeted by Brazilian women with milky-white skin.

Ribardo Bernal.

Felicitaciones por su Blog
es de mucha ayuda para los que queremos
aprender el idioma Portugues.

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