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July 20, 2011


Mike Cofey

Hey there
Great blog, don't know how i never came across it before,
Was trying to reply via twitter but i think i slipped
Violence and or the threat of it has definitely done a number on the reputation of the Marvelous city, and will take a long time to disappear. But fortunately Rio has this great chance to speed along this process of fixing its image by pulling off the games ahead. When we think back to Beijing and South Africa... we had our doubts, but they were both successes and have changed the city's reputations for ever (lets hope).
As far as the numbers go, Rio's tourism boom is upon us, capacity in hotels and hostels is at an all time low, reports that off season is no longer an issue and the city in general is rammed for off season. I believe high season coming will be very telling. Www.RioGuideNow.com is banking on it, there is yet another gringo in town writing about Rio, lets stay in touch.
Mike Coffey

Adam Gonnerman

Very good thoughts, as usual.

Frankly, I don't think the "fear" is that unfounded. It may not be a war zone, but street crime rates in Rio (and Brazil in general) are far higher than what most U.S. and Euro citizens usually experience. Too many go unprepared, are mugged and then go home to tell their family and friends the story. Once while waiting for some documents at the American consulate in Rio I saw a American citizens come and go requesting emergency documents to return to the U.S. because their passports had been stolen (along with everything else they had on them).

Brazil's major cities need to get their crime situation under control if they are to host two major international sporting events in the coming years. The underlying social problems and the lack of prison infrastructure (including rehabilitation)place the heaviest limitation on progress in this regard.

Thanks as well for bringing the "City of God" documentary to my attention!

Rio Gringa

Hey Adam! I'm sorry I didn't send out a reminder about the Vanguard show, but I actually forgot until the last minute...I will keep an eye out for when it gets posted online.

As far as street crime, it's true that it's a serious issue. But I think these hotel and albergue robberies are considerably scarier, since they actually have security (there hasn't been an albergue one for awhile, but there's usually one at least once or twice a year). Street crime is a little bit easier to avoid if you exercise caution, and unfortunately some of the tourists who are a bit more blase or actually don't know that it's such an issue are the ones more likely to become targets (I'm talking very obvious stuff, like walking in Copacabana with a big expensive camera and talking loudly in English). But sometimes it's unavoidable, and like you said, that's what makes the bad reputation spread more quickly.

formatii nunti

I was in Rio two years ago and i was impressed. Unfortunately i had no time to visit around it very well because i was there for only two days, but i hope to visit it again very soon. I recommend this place, it is very nice.

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