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May 09, 2011



Amazing! Did you read the reviews of David´s book at Amazon website? One seems to have been written by Silvana herself! Even "organs donations" are mentioned! Bedlam all over! Crazy people...
Anyway, the STF decision is final. No chance for the maternal family. Anything that they try will not reverse the decision that sent Sean back home.
Nice videos on Dateline. Good to see that father and son are doing well and re-building their lives.


Thanks for posting the update about Goldman´s case.
i was wondering myself how they were doing and I was so happy to see them together as father and son and Sean adjusted here.
I feel no pity for the Brazilian family that is always playing victim when they were the bad guys in the story.


All I see the Brazilian family doing is being spiteful. I think its more about getting back at David Goldman because he's American than it is about them missing their grandson, they do seem comtemptuous. What they need to realize is that people can read their behavior and see through to their true intentions (their heart). The father should have gotten his son back when the mother died.


Ai, estou rindo horrores com a briga dos reviewers no site da Amazon. Obrigado pelo heads-up, Marcelo.


thanks for the update, Rachel.

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