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May 07, 2011



Okay. It worked: Made me cry.



I began watching it just now online - and paused.

Seeing David state again how she went home to Brazil, stated she would never return, and demanded he sign away full custody rights and to put in writing he'd never seek custody....

I am led to conclude she planned this. She may not have had all the details hashed out when she left New Jersey, but in the few days she was there, I would imagine she received ideas from her family and attorneys. Once back on home ground and emboldened by family, friends, home country, and possibly legal advice, she was then ready to publicly state her views and to make her demands known.


Os videos do Dateline já estão no app (iphone) da NBC. E eles ainda dão alguma voz à família materna, que mais uma vez distorce os fatos. O fato é que este caso já está encerrado. Duvido que eles consigam reverter a decisão do STF e que consigam alguma coisa nos EUA. O menino vai ficar com o pai. A maldade que fizeram com este pai é inominável. A única coisa que faltou na reportagem foi mostrar mais casos como o do David que ainda permanecem pendentes. Ele mesmo fala sobre esta situação e das razões de ter escrito o livro.

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