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April 15, 2011



Cool! There is even a video monitor in each subway car showing pictures of waterfalls, beaches and whitewater rafting. It was clear that all the commuters were groovin' on the car design - much better than the usual monothemed cars they sometimes have.


We watched and we loved it, Rachel.


The video won't play.


I loved it! I thought it was super cute! I loved the way they showed Lapa, Ipanema, Sapucai and Jardim Botanico. I also thought the monkey - thieves with their gold jewelry were such a hilarious touch. The little boy from the favela was a gracinha, and I like how they showed the slums. His poverty was sad yet not unreal.

This movie was perfect for me since I escaped the midwest to live in Rio. The whole concept of escaping to a place where your spirit feels free and where you are more amongst your kind really calls my attention. The only thing I didn't like was how the bird was portrayed as a doofus...he should have been more of a bad a$$ like the female bird...the love story between him and the bird as well as between their owners was not believable but hey, it's a parade of color and happiness so who the hell cares? Loved it!

Rio Gringa

The video works for me. Could be it doesn't work outside of the US, or if you've accessed more than 20 articles/media things on the NYT this month?


The movie was very cute, the images made me want to revisit Rio and the music made my 3 year old goddaughter want to get out of her seat and dance!

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