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March 24, 2011



Re: Jamie Foxx - ugh, what a gross loser. You're making a film about a country, a culture, a city, and a PEOPLE and your main comment to the press is on porn sites? Where’s the judgment? That just seems so inappropriate for the position he's in. You’re not some 22 year old college senior on spring break taking a stroll on the calçada with your other chest-thumping friends. Have a little dignity, act with the level decorum and personal conduct that corresponds to the position you’re in, and show a little respect!!!!

It's really hard being a foreign woman who loves Brazil because in this position one tends to focus on the less sexual aspects of the country and the culture. To constantly witness men talking and behaving like a bunch of disgusting, disrespectful, horny apes who have never seen a woman before whenever they go down to Brazil gets tiring, and quick. It’s discouraging to walk down any avenue in the touristy area of town and watch them sit at the street cafes and turn their heads lewdly, throwing any effort to be discrete to the wind, as if they were watching pedigreed dogs on display. Not to mention that we’re hot too and the “hotness” of Brazilian women is way overrated. It’s like you get there for the first time and you’re surprised there are slews of normal, and even (gasp!), unattractive women as well.

If Jamie Foxx didn’t have the dumb luck to become a half-assed movie star he would just be another disgusting, American loser fancying himself a “big man” because he pays a couple hundred for a disempowered, economically oppressed third-world woman to turn a few tricks for him at a sleazy night club in Copacabana and pretend he’s something special. Grow up, you fucking disgusting piece of shit! Try taking lessons in class from your colleague, Anne!


Well, I think Jamie Foxx was not so wrong:


The truth is that Rio is full of easy women, as well as Miami or Los Angeles, for example.

It's the kind of city that a man goes when he makes easy money, go for fun, and that includes easy women, drugs, etc. ...

Demand creates supply.

The problem is that this was the engine for Brazil to pass from a crossing point for drugs, from Colombia/Bolivia to the U.S. and Europe, to become a city where the drug has also been bought, first by gringos, used to do drugs back home and their prostitutes and then by any local junkie who makes easy money.

This began in the late '80s, the crime came in the '90s. Maybe this stupid attitude has changed the story of Brazil. Therefore it is unpleasant to watch.

Jamie Foxx is black and makes a lot of violent movies, many poor kids in Rio see him as an idol, much more then with Rodrigo Santoro, who looks like a carioca zona sul.

Bad example.

Giovanni Rio

Jamie Foxx is right...although he just wanted to make a funny comment. Rio is one of the biggest cities for sex tourism in the world ! Places such as Centro host ten thousands of prostitutes and the local "normal" Carioca women are generally very easy to approach & sexually very open. And if you like it or not, marketing in Brazil still mainly focusses on women, carnaval and... women.

Jamie Foxx made a funny remark, noting more, noting less. I don't see the problem. He was actually right without having the intention.

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