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February 14, 2011



Corruption will always exist; what's needed in Brazil is to either reduce it to "acceptable" levels like in New York or Los Angeles, or to effectively "systematize" it a la Chicago's Machine. That is, eliminating corruption is unfeasible, but reducing or managing it so vital municipal services and legitimate entrepreneurial activity aren't severely compromised is absolutely necessary. Brazil's growth hinges on citizens of all strata being able to trust that their representatives and security forces will truly work to protect and defend them and their interests and possessions.

The Gritty Poet

An off topic homage to a great Carioca.


You were awesome, thanks so much.

Adam Gonnerman

The bigger question for me is what will happen in Rio once the events are over and the spotlight is gone? Sure, that's several years away, but old habits (and corruption) die hard.

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