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January 18, 2011



thank you for your mention of my blog. I wouldn't have said my experience harrowing, but if I'd been fully aware of how big this disaster is it could have been/should have been harrowing. Polititions are the same worldwide - remember the photo ops of those in New Orleans after Katrina? stepping from helicoptors, being rowed in small boats, their shirt sleeves rolled up showing arms brawny and tanned from playing golf serveral times a week. useless in the practical application of disaster relief. within this culture not only do the politions not follow through but the citizens don't want them to... the mayer of N Friburgo was elected by promising change.... in the traffic. those same that complain would never consider taking a bus to town or to walking the length of downtown in order to not double park and block transit....
today downtown NFriburgo was closed... the stench of bodies too long in the open..... why aren't they burried like in Teresopolis.


hey, don't know exactly how i found you blog but i find it interesting. :) I am a brasilian living in new york. i always wanted to write about my experiences living in the big apple.

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