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December 13, 2010


Adam Gonnerman

Thanks for sharing. A bit exuberant about Lula and pretty basic info, but useful for people who think it's a jungle nation the size of Guatemala.

Rio Gringa

Agreed. It was a pretty solid piece for people who know virtually nothing about Brazil.


The video link is offline, anyways, its nice to see people from New york giving some toughts about our lovely Country.

Greetings from São Paulo !


The Gritty Poet

You can tell that Lula has a chip on his shoulder by how he addresses questions which in some way cast doubt on Brazil´s ability to get this or that done.
The only time he feels comfortable laying criticism on Brazil is when speaking of past presidents. People who did not see the obvious as he puts it and were unable to move the country in the right direction.
Unfortunetaly for Lula those who are educated in recent Brazilian history are aware that it was Cardoso who implemented the reforms that later bore fruit and the only thing Lula did was ignore his own party and keep many of them in place.


lol at Peninha. Its quite difficult to talk fast and excited as he usually does, in another language.

interesting however that Lula and Eike do say "we" when talking about Brazil. Peninha says "they". :)

The Gritty Poet

Peninha = Eduardo Bueno ( the spazzy historian who lambasts Brazil in the piece and in other interviews has reasoned that his home state, Rio Grande do Sul, culturally is not part of Brazil at all).
Regional rivalries aside I like the fact that Bueno writes history books in a style which entertains thus attracting more readers to the subject



Thanks for this, RioGringa.

I'm a little concerned about the 2014 World Cup, and while I think Brazil will do a fine job of hosting it, I also believe it will not be as smooth as it was in Germany 2006 or in South Korea/Japan 2002. I'm not sure Brazil will have enough volunteers/employees sufficiently fluent in English (I could be wrong) and I greatly worry that European and North American tourists, unused to the petty crimes and corruption and "jeitinho," will be victimized in Brazil. It can happen to anybody anywhere, but I just can't help but worry.

At the same time I'm proud to see Brazil rise economically. I only hope the people of Brazil will see their lot continually improved just as Brazil's economy continues to get better.

The Gritty Poet: can you please provide a source where Bueno says that Rio Grande do Sul is culturally part of Brazil?

The Gritty Poet


For Bueno's Gaúcho vs Brazil shenanigans read this http://portalliteral.terra.com.br/artigos/eduardo-bueno-brasil

and watch this.

Here he is talking about his latest book.

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