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November 14, 2010



Do you know where I can find statistics on education and literacy by country?
I'd love to talk with you sometime about how you are searching your Brazil/Rio news. I have some google alerts set but get SO much BS on a daily basis.


Excelente post, foi direto ao ponto.

Acredito que uma boa maneira de tentar diminuir o tamanho do problema é incentivar a população mais velha a retornar à escola e aos jovens a permanecerem.

E isso é algo que pode ser feito pela própria população, principalmente a mais jovem que pode e deve incentivar seus pais e colegas a retornar/manter os estudos.

É claro que não mudaria lá muita coisa levando em conta a qualidade do ensino público, mas é melhor do que esperar uma solução mágica do governo.


Great, Rachel!

it's interesting to think about educational system in Brazil because it's a subject too complex. It's quite common to hear that brazilian public schools don't work, and that's why our educational system is so "weak", but in my opinion that's just a part (and maybe a small part) of the problem.

I've met some students from private schools, for example -- and from middle class --, who don't know basic things. I'm talking about students who don't know that Romeo and Juliet was written by Shakespeare, or that Argentineans speak Spanish, or what America means. And I'm not kidding.

This kind of things makes me think that our "public schools" aren't all the problem: there are more things behind that. We have to study what's going on with our edecational system and make something to change it.

And well, I hope we get that.

Have a nice day, Rachel. Your blog is awesome!


Vocal Brazilians always think "education" is a cure all panacea. No thoughts about the excessive bureaucracy, lack of equality of opportunity, weak enforcement of contracts, etc.

here is a recent article that mentions shortcomings other than "education":


read the comments section for more cluelessness..

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