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November 01, 2010



Brazilian labour`s party should not exist because it is a criminal organization. A political party that is a partner of a terrorist group, drug dealer , kidnapper.
Farc and Pt have a long and proved relation. The FARC and the pt has a long and proven relationship, they always are in the sao paulo`s forum. Drug dealing, trafic dealing, farc, weapon dealing, pt....
People search for truth.

Melo Franco

Cool post, Rachel!



wow, great post but kind of long. will finish reading later to probably comment some more. the problem I see with Dilma is that she is not efficient or detailed-oriented but rather authoritarian. The degree to which she will display that depends on a series of factors. She has downplayed (hidden) most of it during the campaign and she is under a lot of pressure to keep doing that. However, you can only expect someone to be someone they are not, for a certain amount of time. Unless she changes, and I suspect she has been changing through this experience, our future as a nation will be in the hands of someone who I think is a "wolf" despised as "sheep". So I would be careful to say anything good about her at this point, especially considering her criminal past (despite the allegation it was her fight for democracy).

Other than that, I think a major point that has been greatly ignored in the campaign and still is now is her health condition. Considering she had a major cancer and still in treatment, we should think again as far as the real dangers of having her as president considering her vice gets to be in power, even if on occasions.

One can only hope things will get better, but realistically they can only get better if we change things from the core in Brazil. That's working towards better education for all, especially the next generation and being involved in campaigns for democracy (through freedom of the press and better Media laws and anti-corruption campaigns such as Ficha Limpa, and other popular initiatives, that will pressure for change).

It might seem to you and the world in general, that Brazilians do not care about what is going (as far as corruption) on but we are. The huge turnoff and, to an extent, the low level of support to Dilma's presidency is an indicator of that. The runoff was proof of that.

Hope this comment makes sense despite not having read the whole thing.


I think that is one of the most reasonable and accurate assessments of the election I've read. Excellent post!

You hit on how Lula has taken credit for an economy that was already growing thanks to the previous administration but you acknowledged Lula was able to continue and build on that growth. And thank you for highlighting Lula's buddy-buddy relationship with some of the world's most awful leaders. I understand his goal. Lula wants to make Brazil into a global diplomatic power, but cozying up to Ahmadinejad, Castro and Chavez is not the way.

I also think you're right about the youth and Marina. The college age kids I teach in Rio overwhelmingly supported Marina.

And I agree that Dilma seems like a capable person and will continue the policies that have worked well for Brazil thus far.

So basically I agree with everything you wrote. Maybe that's why i think your post is so great? :)


Primeiramente gostaria de dizer que adorei seu blog! É ótimo poder encontrar uma visão estrangeira sobre o Brasil e os brasileiros de forma clara e menos estereotipada possível.

E segundo me perdoe não poder escrever em inglês, apesar de conseguir ler grande parte sem dificuldade ainda sou péssimo para escrever decentemente em inglês. D:

Bem, em relação à eleição de Dilma não sei o que esperar dela, até por que tenho somente 16 anos e só agora parei para olhar a política com mais interesse. (infelizmente não pude nem tirar meu título eleitoral, fica pra próxima...)

Porém algo me deixou realmente chocado em relação as eleições, foi a reação de alguns indivíduos à eleição de Dilma nas redes sociais "culpando" a região nordeste do país. Uma demonstração nojenta de xenofobia.

Pretende fazer um post em relação a isso?

Aqui links sobre o acontecimento:



Um abraço!

Rio Gringa

@FS Obrigada pelo comentario! Pretendo escrever um post sobre esse caso do Twitter - obrigada pelos links - vou usar! abs

ana australiana

You're right. It is almost impossible to hate on that face. Even upper class Brazil seems to manage only an affectionate mockery! Also, I thought you & readers might be interested in this take on the election.

ana australiana

This take, that is: http://newmatilda.com/2010/11/05/who-did-brazil-vote


Great post! You expressed my sentiments about the election far more clearly than I have been able to. Thanks for this.

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