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July 20, 2010



I'm not gonna watch Sabrina because of the aforementioned reasons. But, one thing's for sure: she does know how to speak a relatively decent English (they all have private teachers) yet that would kill her character. She interviewed Ashton Kutcher like that and it became sort of her 'thing'.


Wow...Sabrina Sato is so obnoxious...I had no idea her English was so bad...and just when I thought Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima talking to David Letterman or "candidly" reliving their "first kiss" on the VS Fashion show were as painstakingly annoying as it got...that was God awful...I'm speechless...I'm just surprised Tom spent so much time talking to Ms. Sato.

On a more serious note, it just goes to show how important it is that we encourage study/live abroad programs so that we can bridge these sort of embarrassing cultural and linguistic gaps! I for one feel quite proud to be an American who speaks Portuguese and understands Brazilian culture!

Rio Gringa

Wait!! Marina, are you telling me she's faking her bad English? Because that makes this 100 times worse. It makes me sad. :(


OMG! Is she that dumb or is she just pretending to be dumb? Tom Cruise was so polite and patient. If I was him I would have told her to go f* herself because I would not waste my time being interviewed by someone so dumb and stupid. I feel sorry for those intelligent ones who are trying to publish a book or be noticed somehow. Nowadays, the Brazilian TV just wants dumb people to work in their shows. I wonder if Stephen Colbert or John Stewart would be so polite with her...

Ray Adkins

Tom Cruise is unbelievably patient and gracious!


Sabrina Sato is definitely faking her bad English! She even speaks a little more fluently to Cameron Diaz than to Tom Cruise. I think I've seen her interview people in English a lot more competently than this. I think Tom Cruise just said he was learning Portuguese because he's memorized a few phrases for his trip and wanted to get into the spirit of massacring a language! And I think Sabrina does want to ask Cameron about the bikini wax, but they just interpret it phonetically as 'hexa' in Portuguese in the subtitles as a joke. The whole thing is obviously tongue in cheek and chaotic and silly. To be honest those women sashaying around in bikinis as part of the set of this show and the family-oriented Faustão bother me more than interviews like these :(

mallory elise

that twitter guy was really interesting actually. i've been anti twitter but i kinda want to use it now...

well, i've actually never seen this Sabrina chick (most of my tv is SVU and House, oops) but she makes me feel a lot better about MY portuguese! aiaiai she is annoying evern when she is speaking portuguese...


That's hilarious this formal lecture was given to a large audience, only to have fallen to prank.

Glad to know I'm not the only one annoyed by Sabrina Sato.


What's Sabrina Sato's dialect? catupiry? I forget the name of it...


Anyway, I am sure she speaks better English than the Portuguese spoken by 99.9% of the Americans...


Eu nunca tinha vista essa mulher fazer entrevistas, mas tenho que admitir, ela é muito engraçada! Com'on people, lighten up!

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