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June 14, 2010


mallory elise

hahahaha i love these Skol commercials, i actually sent them to my brother a little bit ago because he is in love with Messi and i like to make fun of him :)

my favorite brazilian commercial right now strangely doesn't have anything to do with the world cup; the new Uno cars by Fiat have a great advertising campaign with great commercials; i'm pretty sure it's going to be the best selling car for the next year. i normally hate car commercials, but they are so cute!


Awesome videos. I especially liked the second one, and the last one. Brazilians get a kick out of the Argentinians, and, to be fair, the Argentinians make it easy.

Ernest Barteldes

I'd hate to be an Argentinean in Brazil right now... Ads like these could never air in the US... they'd be labeled "politically incorrect." But they are really fun. Could you imagine if Brooklyn Lager created a Yankee selection and created commercials antagonizing, say, Red Sox fans?

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