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June 23, 2010



Wait. Does this mean that my Brazilian visa is now good for 10 years? Or does this only apply to future visas?


Desculpe mas como sempre o Brasil dá um jeitinho, tudo em prol da amizade..rs..
Eu fico imaginando os oficiais de imigração no aeroporto em prantos só para não barrar o extrangeiro.
Agora eu me pergunto...será que o pobre do Oliver Stone sem auxílio algum, sem assessoria alguma não sabia mesmo que precisava de visto para entrar no Brasil?!
Acho que ele já contava o o jeitinho brasileiro na entrada..
E imagino o consulado americano emitindo o visto para João Gilberto..será que eles sabiam da importância dele?

BTW... Isso me lembra os vários gringos que eu conheci de ida para o Brasil e que não tinham visto, resultado: volta para casa!

Relação bilateral mesmo??


More on the famous than on the rich, I should say.

Oliver Stone might have got that visa easily due to ideologic reasons though, I doubt whether Sean Hannity or Glenn Beck would have had it so easily...


Unbelieveable. I can see an American employee in the US being so ignorant of a Brazilian national treasure, but an American living and working in Brazil??? It's like not giving a visa to Frank Sinatra, were he alive, or to Tony Bennett.

Rio Gringa

Hi Mom, thanks for commenting on my blog, lol. I don't know if previously emitted visas will now count for 10 years because no one at the consulate ever picks up the phone, but I will try to find out.

mallory elise

what?! how the hell did Oliver Stone get on a plane without a visa? American airports are so damn difficult to navigate now, and some schmuck gets to bypass everything because he has a name? where's the justice in that? good grief i barely was allowed to CHECK my bags at LAX on a Sao Paulo connecting flight through Mexico becuase the moron behind the counter was sure that my less than one year old visa was good for only one year......"sir, it says right there that it is good for five years after the issue date" hmmmm i don't know, i don't think that's what it says..... then calls security. good grief. that's great that he got a visa once he got here, but American cusotms at the AMERICAN airport should be slapped for allowing him on an international flight without a visa...grumble grumble...

vice consul

only visas issued from may 28th (or around that date) on out are good for 10 years.

and if you're going to argue against special treatment for famous people then we should also expect them to act like us "regular folk" and stay on top of their visas...or at least have their assistants be on top of it for them. i don't know why he didn't get his visa in time but surely he knew about his concert well ahead of time and shouldn't have needed an emergency appointment to begin with!


No one picks up the phone at the consulate unless you have a proper extension. Same goes with email. dont know why, but it just happens that way there

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