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June 30, 2010


mallory elise

very excited for this :) im an Elite Squad fan, so glad there's a sequal to this and not City of God...(was not as good, in MY opinion) ;)


I'd just finished watching the 2007 Tropa de Elite movie online and am a bg fan of Brasil's BOPE. I am trying to get the actual DVD movie if I can find it here locally.

When is the sequel due out in the movie theatre?

Thanks for the update.



Are you crazy? What makes you think that it will not have the same impact? In which world are you? Oh please!


be that people are still not realized that this is the most pure reality which we live. without doubt this will be the best film of the year! bonjour hollywood them comes to the Oscar , please not boycott the Brazilians. these expensive are simply encreable...
a big fan of Brazil .... Norge


I just watched it, it1s way better than the first... Reeeeally amazing, best film i've seen this year, got to watch it again!


hi anna, how/where did you see it? please email me if you cant post the info.

[email protected]


Box office statistics show the launch is breaking records for Brazilian cinema! If you're interested in how the film reflects reality and what impact it could have on it, take a look at riorealblog.com


OMG! Elite Squad 2 is better than the first!!!
i watched twice this weekend!!

should be nominated to the oscar! (best foreign movie!)
I do recommend!

from Brazil (João Pessoa - PB)


I saw the movie and it´s fantastic, the movie takes the elite squad and explain what move the corrupt and detail all the problem with the violence in Rio de janeiro.


The sequel is simply amazing! Not only the action scenes are exciting, but also the movie has a great story and puts you inside the underworld of Rio! It is based on the reality of the city and if you liked the first, you can´t lose this one! I am already going to see it again in the movies.
Hope you people from foreign countries will have the chance to see it soon. You wont regret! Also, there has been some rumors that Spielberg watched it here in Brazil and is negotiating to distribute it in USA.


I'm Brazilian, I whatched the first movie but I didn't whatch the second yet, but all my friends are saying that the second is better... I'm anxious for it!! =)

dayane midory

this second is so much better than the first, more critical, more realistic, also. it succeeded in show how all the violence is built among the structures of our society, pointing issues like the dynamic of corruption and greed of some of ours politicians and police. the narrative evolved, the problem of violence now is shown beyond de stricted conflict of good and evil, police and bandit, a police squad that justified its violence by the violence of the others.

oww.. this movie is really amazing, one of the best i ve ever seen, make me proud of being brazilian!!
i hope u guys enjoy it as much as i did.

dayane midory

just explaining: proud of its quality, not of what is being reported on it.

Cláudão Flamenguista

Tradutor google !!! Cade vc?!


This movie is making history in Brazil. The cinemas are crowd, very very crowd. Everybody want to see this movie. I already watched two times. It´s beeing sold out in every movie theaters.
Without doubts It´s one the greatest movie ever made
"this movie is really amazing, one of the best i ve ever seen, make me proud of being brazilian!!" 2

I´m sorry for my terrible english...

Mobile Fly

As a fan of the 1st Elit Squad, I have already seen the sequel on its release day. Oh my God, what a impressive movie! I really love the original, but the second is even better. How come!!! I'm planning to go watch it again on the next few days. I'm anxious to go again as it was the first time...
I'm glad that the director made Capitain Nascimento as a real person, not like a Rambo. Everything on both, 1st and 2nd Elite Squad, is very realistic. And this is a good point of it!

Sometimes, I think that the corruption shown on the movie is something that happens everywhere in the world, not only in Brazil (Rio, mainly). I mean, of course the corruption is much smaller in many places, but all powerfull organizations has their weak side where some kind of corruption might happen. And I'm not saying this to put other countries on the same level of Brazil's dirty side. It's just a matter of not closing your eyes to human behaviors. You'll allways find everywhere you are some smart guy trying to succed on a ilegaly way, taking advantages above others. And these kind of people are on every level of (if not all) most, organizations. If you have seen Elite Squad 1, you understand what I'm trying to say. If you watch Elite Squad 2, you will be shocked on how come any kind of corruption may be real. Coming back to Brazil, Rio... it's amazing to see how much infected we are by this cruel disease called corruption!

I strongly recommend Slite Squad 2 (and 1) for everyone in the world!!!

Conversation  advanced Cultura BH

Elite Squad is a a masterpiece which is really worth seeing. It shows multiple faces of organised crime in Rio. What we see in the film is nothing but the truth in our country and it makes us think about our reality. It's sad to realise that drug dealers are not the worst villains, they are just one part of a much bigger system. We wonder if there is a real "Nascimento" struggling to do something good and right like this character. We hope there is.

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