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June 01, 2010


Fernando Monteiro

Rachel, nice post. Although Brazillian (and in the process of launching a startup in Rio), it was interesting to watch this and see their perspectives on Brazil.

James Miller

Brazil and up and coming power? Yeah right? I'm living here now and see the poverty all over, the fact that a middle class person wouldn't dare use the public schools because if they did use the public schools they know that there kid would be a failure in life. They won't use the hospitals as well, crumbling infastructure, I still can't get hot water in my apartment and I'm supposed to be in a nice middle class area, and the crime. And a compete aversion to work. They like to say, "We know there is corruption, but let's go to the beach." They may not be basket cases anymore in regards to their budget situation and inflation, but a middle class that will rival that of North America or Europe despite North America's and Europe's problems right now, forget it. On the flip side America might become what Brazil is, a country full of people that will be permanetly poor, and to get a decient job you have to work for the government or be well connected.

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