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March 09, 2010



"the sand-floor synagogue"

Are they entirely made of sand or did I understand it wrong?


I loved to learn about that! Thanks for sharing such interesting story :-)


Hey, thanks for turning me on to this fascinating history of Jews in Jamaica. My grandmother was born in Havana and though she wore a Mogen Dovid around her neck curiously celebrated Christmas and Easter and went to mass. She said the pendant had been in the family for generations. It was handed down to her from her grandmother. But that's all she knew. Or pretended to know! Your article prodded me to begin a much promised but oft postponed genealogical search. Thanks again. Enjoy your blog, too, BTW.


The World of Jamaicans, Hahahahahaha, funny story, we lived in holland for four years and that was the worst country to ever lived in, because of that we don't like the dutch, we consider all of them to be truly evil, now we living in the UK, here in the UK we met an African Brother from Ghana, he is with a dutch woman, he also have two children with her, when we looked at the head of his son we noticed a similarity on the shape of his head and our own head, we thought it was the Ghana connection, because my grandfather his mother was from Ghana, but the shape was from his mother side whom is a lesser-black dutch woman, We ponder no way we could not really be connected to the dutch, later when we dug more on our own so-called jewish bloodline we found out the my great great great grandfather was a so-called jew, that came from Brazil to Jamaica, the Royce bloodline, after reading this article there is no doubt that his family came from evil holland to jamaica. Yes we knew there was a very very large so-called jewish community in Jamaica at one point, in fact Jamaica was the homeland of the so-called jews, that's why jamaicans don't need a visa to go to "Israel"

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There's more Jews than one would think. Here's one I stumbled across at BN: http://www.jamaicanjew.com/. When I have time I'd like to research a bit more... It makes me wonder if there's a tie in with the Rastafarians who use a lot of Jewish imagery in their visual and performance arts.

Richard Guy

Yes the floor is not tiled it is just sand. The sand transmits no sound. Secrecy of worship was practiced in Spain during the Inquisition. The Synagogue in Curacoa also has a sand floor for the same traditional reason. Both Synagogue,s are worthwhile tourist attractions.

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