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February 21, 2010



Hi! I was trying to look for more information about it, since I was very curious myself.... and I found this:


It is not official, so I am not sure how accurate it is, but I found it interesting.... Not sure where they will be able to put that in Rio though...

mallory elise

this is both a "yay!" and a "boo" as who wouldn't want disney land within driving distance, but then it also takes away the necessity of taking your kids to Orlando or Anaheim, which i completely plan on :)

Pri G

Somehow this makes me really sad. This mega park seems to takes some of the charm out of Brazilian kids being kids. I prefer to see kids playing with kites or kicking around a soccer ball.

Disneyland has always made me sad though. I think it has something to do with just how tacky and commercial it is, and that, despite it being so tacky and commercial, all the American "Make a Wish" kids flock there. It's not a testament to the children who are about to die. It's a testament to how children's innocence and their ability to be easily satisfied and easily feel joy is almost wasted on a place as gaudy, tacky and symbolic of fake, commercial fun as Disneyland.

Furthermore, Disney kind of represents the fake, plastic, commercial, hyper stimulation that has made American kids so spoiled, so separate from one another, and so sedentary. In a way, Disney helped usher in the video game culture by making kids focus more on being stimulated by objects (toys) and outside forces (movies), rather than by simple games and the company of friends.

On a more practical note, 1.) this is a hugely ambitious project, so I want to see if these rumors are actually true and 2.) Anyone who knows Brazil and knows the Brazilian consumer knows that this place will be absolutely packed!!!! Brazilians jump on top of (or should I say, ravenously attack?) qualquer novidade de fora, be it an American movie or a 55 real bottle of Victoria's Secret lotion.

I'm just afraid that this is a step towards taking the charm out of Brazilian childhood and injecting the commercial. Besides, I think it shows a healthy amount of innocence and kid-like initiative to wait and hope for that one time trip to Orlando. : )


According to my Brazilian wife, Brazil has no need of DisneyWorld because they already have Beto Carreira World.


I lived in Curitiba for 6 years, and I think it is a very good option in terms of location. Knowing Curitibanos, it will be very clean and organized. And the area could use some tourism, since Curitiba lacks any special appeal in terms of attractions. The relative proximity with Iguacu Falls is also a plus.

Jonathas Rodrigues

Eu acreditei também, mas depois eu comecei a achar que era só boato..
como o próprio usuário que postou nesse fórum que vc usou como fonte, admitiu que não acreditava tanto, e a fonte dele não era confiável:


Fonte: American News Journal - Limeira-SP

O que é isso???
Nunca ouvi falar disso aqui em Limeira não. Essa fonte não esta muito comfiável.


vou dar uma olhada, pois alem do mais eu axei por acaso essa reportagem, acabei naum verificando as fontes se elas saum ou naum confiaveis.


Marcelo Victor:
Não achei nada sobre American Journal...., Mas...achei uma noticia nun Blog referente a 2007


Sei..la meio esquisito

ah...o jornal tribuna web acho q é esse aqui.


vo sair de fininho daqui..............

falei com o cara de onde havia retirado essas informações, é uma furada danada na qual me meti ao postar isso aqui.
vou tentar naum repetir isso novamente

mas por enquanto
a noticia com mais veracidade sobre o genero relatava q estavam prevendo um disneyland em brasilia, mas essa noticia ja faz um bommmmm teeemmmmpppoooo, talvez os gringos ja esqueceram disso faz tempo.

Mas.... A esperança é a ultima q morre

desculpe pela esperança de muitos em vão


what a shame. i was disappointed when starbucks came to Brazil. now, Disney. pretty soon, it won't even be worth traveling or living in another country because it will all be a large extension of American culture. too bad.


According to Wikipedia, José Carioca has been part of a show at Walt Disney World's EPCOT Center since April 2007.



A propria Walt Disney Co. desmentiu a noticia em nota oficial enviada a imprensa brasileira.

Jim Richards

Boy the comments by Prg G were right on and that is exactly how I feel and I see so many people have that dream that a visit to the Disney World or Land will set them right in the enjoyment of life and its pleasures.

Prg G's comments mirror our times and values and I feel great sadness for the lost of childhood dreams and play that are fueled by electronic connections.

Super post.

Rio Gringa

Lya, tem link para a materia? Achei nada.

If anyone has any links refuting or confirming these rumors, please post them!


If you think Disneyland is Brazil is that bad. Just DON'T GO. Your kids can't pay the tickets thenselvs. So, no worries. Nobody will "put a gun on your head" and force you to go. On other hand Brazil is a free country and folks that use to invest on foreing economies now can spend the money in their own country. Go Brazil!


This link has some news but it's not the official note sent to the Brazilian press. I'll look it up and send it to you.


Rio Gringa

Wow Lya that's from this week! The rumors started months ago, but I guess this past week there were a lot more people posting about it. That's really interesting, thanks.

ted papperman

Hi. my wifes family is from Curitiba, and this is the first I have heard anything about Disney coming there . I will be in touch with them closely on this . Imagine the econonmy booming there with the World cup. Olympics and now Disney. It would be great for employment of locals.


i think its a bad idea for the job market in Orlando it will cut the Brazil tourist down to nothing it will not be good for central florida if disney wants to gamble with a so so unstable government where the people only make at a minimal 566.oo reias per month which will help the local economie but not fla

marcelo de almeida

Most of the comments I have read here are 'completely negative' and seem to reflect the general attitude of brazilians. Perhaps that´s the reason why there are no 'real theme parks' in this country, since whenever anyone with a constructive idea tries to go forward with 'a plan', nobody around them gives any positive support. Being this the case, we should think of ourselves as lucky to have been chosen for such an honorable project and be careful not to 'throw it away' just because it wasn´t 'we' who invented it...

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