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February 26, 2010



lol, pizza cone. any trip to Porto de Galinhas is not complete without a pizza cone.


I've tried the açaí pulp at Whole Foods. It'll do when you don't have anything else, but I wasn't a huge fan--what did you think?

That NYT Lens blog on Carnaval is pretty cool.
If you have any interest, I'd written about it here, too:


Any word on whether the tourist visa extension to 10 years will be retroactive? Will a visa from 2006 still expire in 2011?

ana luisa

Where is the koni located? Thanks :) I really miss eating the ones in leblon


Pizza cones can also be found at the Rio Bonito supermarket in Astoria. http://www.alwayshungryny.com/thought-for-food/entry/alwaysinvestigating-battle-of-the-pizza-cones/

Acai pulp is available in Brazilian markets in Newark's Ironbound and Astoria. ICEFRUIT Polpa de Açaí Médio costs about $3.29 for for packets of 100grams. One packet thawed and blended with three bananas makes a delicious acai smoothie (which can also be enjoyed na tagala).

See also http://streetsmartbrazil.com/blog/20091223/a%C3%A7a%C3%AD-na-tigela-real-thing-video


Paris Hilton...
Please, is there a word for OVER in Portuguese?

Roda Magazine

I love to try that Pizza Cone anytime. We also posted this on our website. Did I mention I like the video of Paris Hilton


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