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December 08, 2009



Love it, I'll have to order myself some. BTW, happy birthday :)


Thought for sure this was a 'sponsored' post. I saw an ad for these on Flickr and actually started playing with some of my Rio pics. Now I must order it seems!


haha. No wonder I have stopped giving my "ugly", I mean plain, Staples business cards. Besides, they are old and not pretty at all. :(

I just wish I had one, any one though, when I lost my wallet the other day. That would may have increased the chances of getting my valuable documents returned.... business cards can be life savers, regardless of the cuteness, sometimes. sniff... sniff

I did love your little pink card holder. Great idea, so fashion! Very feminine too and the cards are absolutely cute. Loved it! But I always wonder how long people keep your business card and if it worth all the trouble. It might be worth, to build your own brand or to make an impression, but other than that... does people really look for your business card when they need to contact you?

For networking, it seems to me, the best thing lately has been the Linkedin site, or another similar site, like Plaxo which automatically updates you of any changes.

By the way, that reminds me to add you on Linkedin...I saw you there the other day!

Bye. Enjoy your b-day, girl! :)

Ashley, the Accidental Olympian

OMG those are ADORABLE. Even after a bad interview you at least know you left something tantalizing behind. :)


Loved this post!!!
Did u order ur while in Brazil? Do u know if they delivery it in Brazil???

Tanjila Jesmeen

good post.thanks for sharing.

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