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December 14, 2009



looks like a poster from Brazzil forums found his way into this blog...


Geez Ashley, what did I do to you?
Must be snowing where you are or something!

Among many other things he does incredibly well, my husband can in fact cook a mean churrasco! Tell me something, because I'm not totally fluent yet like that huge demographic in the US you're referring to...does "loirinha gostosa" mean "frumpy" in Portuguese because I am hearing that an awful lot...rsrsrs

Um beijao RG: How ever do you deal with all these haters?

Rio Gringa


I get one of these ohhh maybe once a week, on a bad week maybe more. I delete them if they're highly offensive (as this one was) but I find ignoring them and not replying to them makes them crawl back into their caves of self-loathing and sexual frustration. It's harder to ignore them but it works! Don't give them a spotlight and they lose their power. :)

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