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November 12, 2009



The star power and influence Madonna continues to have in Latin America is startling to me. I remember last December when she was in Buenos Aires reading in the morning newspaper about how she met with Cristina Kirchner and Ingrid Betancourt, something that still strikes me as absolutely absurd. But apparently Madonna warrants the same sort of state treatment as an actual hero.

Paula LP

Fico muito, muito envergonhada com esse deslumbre dos brasileiros em relação a ela e a outras celebridades que passam por aqui. É uma adulação assustadora e ouso dizer, estúpida.
Fico ainda mais indignada com esses encontros políticos, como vc bem disse, em véspera de eleição. Dilma agora vai querer dizer que tem veia pop para conquistar votos jovens...ahhhhhh! para!!!! É demais p/ mim, ainda mais faltando poucos dias para recebermos a visita do ..... do Ahmadinejahd.


I spotted the paparazzi sitting on the chairs of a kiosk across the street from Madonna's hotel in Ipanema yesterday, and it was a reminder of how much her presence here, and how much Brazil's reaction to her presence here, annoys me.

I think it shows a lack of priority that, close to election time, this many politicians and public figures would spend such a large portion of their time on Madonna. It makes these people seem unprofessional, shoddy, and all too easily star struck.

I also have to wonder, is her trip here motivated by a true desire for charity? Or is it that Madonna seeks to ride the trendy wave of Brazil's popularity while engaging in culturally ignorant self-promotion? Her charitable record in the country thus far suggests the latter. It is poorly organized, poorly administered, and lacks a defined goal or focus. In other words, it's all over the place.

Finally, I find Madonna's dealings with Jesus Luz to be inappropriate. Her marital track record doesn't suggest that she could enter into a lasting union with him. She's quite a bit older than him, and his mother, (I read that she's 37), and her spotty religious background isn't in line with his father's Christian roots.

It really pains me to see Brazil's politicians and media making such a big deal over someone who seems to be here for all the wrong reasons. As I skated past the paparazzi in the kiosk I wanted to scream "Go find something else to do! She's just not worth it!"


I agree, and what a pity that Brazilians fawn over Madonna when its homegrown superstars (i.e., Ivete, Daniela Mercury, Claudia Leite, Marisa Monte) actually have real talent and vastly more class. I really can't understand it at all. Camille Paglia has written many interesting observations comparing the artistic and cultural merit of Daniela Mercury vis a vis Madonna, with conclusions that are not at all flattering to Madonna -- or US culture generally.

Thankfully it hasn't been all roses for Madonna in the media though. Ego.com.br has pointed out the absurdity of her security, with a picture of her boy Jesus visibly embarrassed at the absurdity of them hiding from photographers as they were leaving Sushi Leblon, and pointing out the fact that Daniela Winits who happened to be eating there that night needed no such protection from the public. Today, Ego pointed out that she has hardly cracked a smile since arriving, and has been a complete ice queen without warmth for Brazil.


I am going to the the devil's advocate here... Madonna deserves the attention she gets. She is a phenomenal artist regardless of her 'strange' behavior (most people have) or obscure motives.

I am not saying we should pay more attention to her than in our lives and real issues out there, but still. If she is going to Brazil and brings more attention to community organizations and/or create an ONG in Rio, or wherever else, it is all good to me.

I am not a huge Madonna fan, but I think we need to stop to be so critical of people that have achieved so much in life.

That said, I agree with most of the opinions expressed here. So it is not that I am defending her. Not at all. I am also critical of her. I believe she should be trying to help her fellow citizens first, pushing for policies and reaching to poor children in America. But that's her life and her money, and what she does, when she does, how and why she does with them, it is up to her. No one else.

At least she does something, even if, at the end, it serves her own selfish purposes as well.


Excellent point of view and I am in total agreement with all your comments. I believe there is a hidden agenda as well and I also read that she was meeting with zillionaire Eike Batista because he is supposed to be contributing to her Malawi foundation. On the bright side, there are so many worthy causes needing attention in Rio, so if her new boy-toy can sway here to do some good there then it's not a total lost.


I did not know she was dating a 23 year old Brazilian. Shows how little I pay attention to Madonna:)I know this sounds cynical, but a lot of Brazilians are so swayed by such celebrity status. Would not surprise me if the mother was supportive, because she is thinking money and being around famous people. Look at the Brazilian model whom had a baby with Mick Jagger. She has money, has her own tv show. Madonna is old enough to be his mother. But no one complains about Mick Jagger and any other rich men being with younger women. Just pointing out the double standards.

mallory elise

do you know if she speaks portuguese??? i guess she could hire a personal translator to follow her around. well...i guess i can't blame her for moving to brazil to marry a brazilian :P

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