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November 10, 2009



For some reason Pernambuco (and, specifically, Olinda) keeps appearing on these lists, even though there was absolutely no interruption of power here. (Not for me working on my computer; or Lili watching TV; or the neighbor playing Lady Gaga until 1am).

It's funny that I don't normally stay up to watch Profissão Reporter, but I did last night because, well, it's hard not to stop and watch a car crash (literally; the show was on transit in São Paulo). Then they interrupted programming (Globo, Rede Nacional) over and over again to talk about the outage. And I wondered, how are those affected watching this?

The funniest part of the coverage was a sleepy energy minister asked "which states are affected?" to which he responded: "São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, Goiás and Paraguai." LOL

Anyway, I never got to watch Profissão Reporter because I myself got sleepy and went to bed. That's how the blackout affected me. :-)

Galima Akhmadullina

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It was 1930 all over again. Sitting by the window with a candle and a "radinho de pilha"...
The reports about Rio seemed straight out of Hollywood.
All I could think of was the 60 Minutes report (I had read about it a day before) and how thankful I was for being home, and not being in the elevator, hehe.

It made for cool pictures nonetheless.

That video is amazing!


É, Raquel, you got that right!! That could happen anywhere, even, and especially, here in the US. I have heard over and over how vulnerable the American grid is, and how we are not prepared for a hacker attack at all.

Vale a pena alertar. It's well worth to use this example as a warning. But it is also true that Brazil has a huge infrastructure problem, as you might know.

This outage was massive (about half of Brazilian's population, around 50 millions!) but this has happened before, affecting huge cities such as Rio and SP at the same time. So, yes, it is not a matter of the current gov or past. It goes way back into the past.

That said, I still think this issue (especially if confirmed to have been work of hackers), require more attention, and preparedness from all governments.

By the way, nice meeting you yesterday! As you see, I am always reading your blog. Great work!

Beijos. :)

PS: You can find my take on the blackout here (em português) http://www.latampost.blogspot.com/

mallory elise

well, they must have something together if they got it back on so quickly :)


So funny this happened in the middle of my husband´s birthday and we ended up having A LOT of family and friends for a sleepover party! Ironic you mentioned Madonna in this post--they showed a video on Globo of her hotel room with all its lights on during the black out. I guess somehow or another Madonna can do anything, eh?


Hi Gringa,
Where were you on August 14,2003 ????
I supposed to have a C-secion here, in New York City, but i needed to postpone for the next week, because we had a huge blackout.Until today, we don't know exactly what happened that day.
I have a police depto. right in front on my building and the policemen were there having fun, doing barbecue, drinking beer during this difficult time..
you know what ??? shit happens... anywhere, anytime.. Brazil is not the only one country...and USA is not the best one.

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