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October 15, 2009



it's "até que enfim" actually ...


A couple of corrections:

a) His Green Card will EXPIRE in 2 years, but you need to apply 3-4 months BEFORE it expires, so they have time to process his permanent GC.

b) He does not need a travel permit to travel outside the US if he stays there for less than 1 year. You only need a reentry permit if you are a green card holder and will stay out of the country over 1, but less than 2 years.


Congratulations for you both!!!

Unfortunately, though, that's the easiest way to get residence in this country and it shows just how inefficient and unjust the system is. I am not condemning or criticizing your post. It has nothing to do with it. It's just an observation.

There are tons of illegal marriages and plenty of people who get involved in trouble because of this outdated immigration system. It allows plenty of room for discrimination, violence and illegal activity (as gay couples can never marry and give their spouses citizenship, women many times get beaten up by men, etc).

I have been in this country for almost a decade. I have been always legal, paying taxes, contributing, etc. and still have no clear path for residency. However, for tax purposes, after 5-6 years you are already considered a resident. Funny how it plays, isn't it?

I would love to see you writing one day about the immigration system. I am sure you are probably unaware of the many things we have to go through but your very intelligent and resourceful. I beat you can write a great article on that!

Beijos e mais uma vez meus parabéns ao seu marido e a você!!!


Well to me it sure sounds like you have a pretty good idea of what "they" (as Simone put it) since you are living the process. Anywho, I'm so excited for you and Eli!!!! Congratulations!!! I can only imagine the feeling of elation and relief! I too, hope to one day get the same kind of letter!

Congratulations and all the best wishes for both of you!

Adriano Gomes

Parabens pra voce e o Eliseu!!!


Congrats! I know the feeling of being welcomed to a new country. When I first heard "Welcome to Canada" it sounded like music to my ears.


although it is kinda funny:

"hello, we're sending you a piece of paper informing you that your request to request a permanent residence has been accepted and now that your request has been accepted you can start requesting stuff."

Eli should make you celebrate with him by jaywalking – that would be the coolest!

Tereza (Bruxelas)

Great victory. COngratulations 8

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