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October 23, 2009



I've heard this isn't planned at all.


RioGringa, you're right. One of my co-workers recently went to a conference in Rio and was surprised there were so many people with brown hair, as opposed to the black haired hispanics from El Salvador she thought Brazilians look like. She also said the bikinis at the beach were nothing scandalous (she has been to Miami) and did not understand why Brazilian women have the reputation of being slutty.



Você deveria ler isto!
Bem, li o texto e só depois me atentei para o autor, Lobão! Me assustei! Nunca gostei de nada desse homem, mas concordo com 90% do que ele fala no texto, e digo mais, se aplica ao Brasil como um todo e não só no Rio de Janeiro. Espero que goste.


I agree, it's not what Rio needs at all. And Woody Allen is apparently also interested in fiming here next. If he's thinking of anything along the lines of Barcelona in Vicky Cristina Barcelona, then that's really not something Rio needs either :)

Marcio E. Goncalves

Man, I'm so sick and tired of explaining to people that we don't speak Spanish and that there is no "brazilian look", that you can't tell a brazilian by His/Her face. And that my name is GONCALVES, not GONZALES.
But it seems that even in a multicultural city like San Francisco that's impossible. :(

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